Final New Moon of 2013

Welcome to December, the last month of the year. In addition to all of the holiday celebrations, December is also a month of reflection, love, joy, appreciation and gratitude for the blessings of 2013. While it may not ALL have been wonderful, count it all as a blessing. YOU are still here, still ready to fight another day. Still standing Strong for what is right and holding it down for those who are too weak or dispirited to fight for themselves. You, like me are a Spiritual Warrior and the Battle will continue. Use this month as a month of Release and Respite. Let go of all disappointments and fears. A new year lies just ahead. I have used the New Moon Check info from November. Utilize this as a means to access all the abundance that truly IS. This month, avoid negativity, politics (gonna be really hard for me), chaos and confusion. This is a season to show, share and BE LOVE. DO THAT! Your light is needed right now! Your INTENTIONS are everything! Clear your heart and FREE YOUR MIND! Please take the time to reflect on what you are really asking for. What will this "new" abundance be used for? How will it benefit, not just you, but others in your world and beyond? Please don't limit yourself to just MONEY. Abundance encompasses many facets of life. Think on these things and then write the check. God and the Universe respond to SPECIFICS. Some specifics can include great health, wonderful working conditions, safe and fun travel, etc. Let your mind EXPAND! How can your angels help you if you do not KNOW what you want and WHY? Blank check- leave check in checkbook Do NOT fill out the date (but you can register the check to keep track) Pay to the order of: Your Name $ Pay/Paid in Full (I always use PAID) On the next line write again PAY/PAID in full! ( I add the exclamation point as PAID in Full always excites me)! on Memo Line: Give thanks Signed: The Universal Law of Abundance! Thanks for reading and WRITING! Namaste!