Fighting God and Other Insanities

Last Wednesday March 18th I was not on speaking terms with God again. I have done this several times in my life. How long I remained on non-speaking terms depended on my circumstances and how angry I was. This is why I love having the freedom of my own personal relationship with God, one unfettered by religious fervor or mores. After all, it is considered sinful to not want to talk to God. Divine setting sun So, here is my take. On Wednesday a horrific event befell one of my sisters. Yup, another sister. Again, this sister is easy going and easy to get along with. So, what the fuck? When I go on my "I won’t be speaking to you for a while jaunts", it is always prefaced with a rant, out loud as to why. I prefer to think that instead of having to remember WHY I did what I did on judgment day, if I SAY why I am doing it, it can prompt that much needed discussion as the big and little whys of life. After all, If You Never SAY Anything, HOW will anything EVER CHANGE? This was only a short silence on my end but I am sure God was grateful for the break. The craziest part is, a few days before this event occurred, I was overwhelmed with immense sadness, so much so that tears were rolling down my face. An Angel sat with me for hours that night. The scent was comforting, floral based but not one I am familiar with. I did thank them for their presence, could have used some of that Grace on Wednesday and Thursday. I knew something was coming, it would be bad, but not for whom. Wednesday we found out. It was far worse than I ever could imagined. So, if you feel that you have a right to be angry with God than BE ANGRY! God loves you No Matter What. God’s love for you does not have to earned, you do not have to do anything to get it and keep it, FOREVER! God Is Love. That my friend is a complete sentence. Thanks for reading.