Feeling Joy - Here and Now

Today, feel JOY. Remember what Joy used to feel like. When we were kids, playing outside for hours. When time had no meaning and the only important thing in life was what are we going to do tomorrow. Many of us remember our childhood with fondness for a time long gone. We are the fortunate ones. There are also many for whom childhood was not so nice, not so "normal" and certainly not anything to be remembered. What we all know is that right here and right now, there is joy to be had. YOU can feel that joy, inside your heart, exploding into your being no matter what appears before you. The journey of this lifetime is to prepare us for something more, something brighter, something joyous. That time is fast approaching. I don't believe that all will end on December 21,2012. I feel that 12/21/12 is about beginnings. New beginnings for each and every one of us. For all that believe and all that don't. Living and working together is important, so very important. When will all the needless, petty bickering end. WE all must learn that we are all in this life, together. No matter how evolved or above the fray you think you are - you are still the same as everyone else. We are all ONE. We are all BELOVED. All of us. Don't let anyone tell you different. Thanks for reading. Have a most Blessed Sunday. Happy Birthday Melanie! Michelle