Feeling Alone?

Valentine's Day is a manufactured "holiday" if there ever was one. Using guilt and raising expectations for a person to "show" how much they love you one day a year is a bit of a stretch. I prefer my love each and everyday. I prefer for my beloved to WANT to do something daily that will make me smile. My beloved expects the same from me. So, while the title of The Weekly Light Blast is "Feeling Along?" I want to let you know that no matter how many times you are called a failure, a loser, unlovable or even unlikable, none of that is TRUE. What is true for you is WHAT names YOU ANSWER TO! Stop ANSWERING people who call you out of your name. If in your heart you KNOW you are trying to be a different you, maybe that path will involve some parting of the ways. Not to worry, the universe abhors a vacuum. There are people who will love, honor and respect you for who you are right now. What you have to do is get out of YOUR way and let those folks in. Only you can do that. Thanks for reading - enjoy Jayme's Light Blast! Michelle 02/16/2013 Feeling Alone Weekly Light Blast by: Jayme Price When you come into physical form, you are faced with a sense of separation that is what the world around you seeks to overcome through physical means. You see many seeking to validate the self through material items or outcomes. When you look beyond what is seen in the visible world, you find a connection that is the same bond that creates form. As you connect with the unseen, you are connecting with the Love that calls the atom to bond, no matter the opposite charge. You are connecting with the subtle waves of Life that spiral forth seeking same, to experience in the next phase conjugate. You are connecting your past experience with your future potential in the presence of your heart. You are Nurturing your Heart into an ease of support that Angels choose to tread. This is available to you within the depths of sorrow as you reach for solace in the embrace of the unknown. That which is unknown to you is merely yet undiscovered, awaiting to reveal the treasure chest of Love to you. Dear one, in those moments of Feeling Alone, you discover some of your greatest Truths. Not the truths or distortions that others reflect to you, but the Truth of your soul, whispering quietly to you in a moment of solitude, nurturing you from within. For those who know only sorrow in Feeling Alone, there is no solace of connection that can find their ear. For those that understand the Whole Truth of being alone and never being alone, there is a whisper that speaks of a greater purpose, a greater connection, a greater Truth of Feeling Alone. Do not deny your feelings their moment to surface, share their value and their Life. Yet reflect, dear Lightworker, the Whole Truth. Sorrow is an opposite charge to joy, and like an atom can bond new form into being – your Being. Give Life to your sorrow that it has its moment of connection with All and introduce it to the full spectrum of Life. Allow all experience the Life it deserves. Does sorrow deserve to dominate your Life? Or does sorrow deserve to inform your Life to its courage to be unique, strong, vulnerable or compassionate? What new form will the honesty and clarity of sorrow honored bring into your Life? Perhaps that great depth of compassion that allows you to support another owes its life to your sorrow integrated. You are never truly alone in a world filled with the invisible flow of Love. As we sit to Blast Feeling Alone, we are integrating the full spectrum of Life into our Being, such that strength and vulnerability are not opposite, they are reflective of each other. We are building bridges of connection in all experience, such that those that disagree with us become our great teachers of unity. We are integrating Empowerment deep within our Being, such that Life becomes an array of exciting creative flow with all experiences offering new hope. We are the Lightbearers, those who are aware of the impact of the Light of Love, such that no dark night of the soul lasts forever, for the hope of a New Dawn is within. Blast On!