Farewell to L.A.Banks- Author and Visionary

Hello, Leslie Banks wrote an amazing series of novels called "The Vampire Huntress Legends."  Her spirit was alive, well and very much connected to God. Her books showed a capacity to reflect live as we see it to show there is an underside or better yet, an upperside, filled with people, angels and guides who are battling to save all of us on a daily basis.This series of books is on my top 10 list (listed as 1 book).

If you LIKE vampire novels, do yourself a favor and check out her books.

She passed on August 2, 2011. She will be greatly missed.

Have included a link to her website. From there, you can access all the different books (from romance to paranormal) she has written.

My condolences to her family, friends and fans.

Thanks for reading.