Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Yesterday was Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday.  For me it is a day of service. I usually try to find volunteer work that I can still do.  Dr. King's message was not only about the rights of the poor, black and disenfranchised, but also the lack of morality in refusing to accept that any other HUMAN has rights to be acknowledged and respected.

Seems we have not come as far as one would have imagined since it is NOW 2012 and race and class are still issues. Voting rights are being stripped right here at home.  People are being slandered for using government aid to feed their family.

What kind of people are we - and what kind of people do we WISH to be?  This is personal for each and every one of us.

Your choice, your vision of what can be is IMPORTANT! Believe in others, believe that each person, no matter how badly they are currently behaving is doing the very best they can, right now.  We are all responsible for our actions, our re-actions, our thoughts, words AND deeds.

Be AWARE of what you thing, what you say, even how you feel. Change your mind - change your heart - Change the WORLD!

Thanks for reading!

p.s. The picture was painted by the artist James St. Claire.


Matters NOT what I see, For That is Not Reality!