Do your relationships add up?

Looking at the relationships in your life, how do they add up?  All people either add (bring) or subtract (take) from you.  Investing in people who add to your live reflects positively on so many levels. Positive people make you feel good about yourself, your life and your values. Negative people literally bring you down. They give you nothing, they have nothing to offer.  Their function is to subtract, to bring you down, to make you feel less than. Negative people don’t want you to do better, be better or aspire to more. Your more is frightening to them. Your more means that you will no longer accept the trash they heap upon you. It means you now have the ability to see through their pettiness and their shallow lives.

Look at the people in your life. Really assess each relationship, don’t be afraid to include relatives and lifelong acquaintances. Now is the time to assess everything in your life. Release those things that subtract, that make you less than you are. Add more people and experiences that add to your life, which make you grow and be more.

You are a beautiful, amazing wonderful human, learning to live without boundaries, without fear.  Find your wings and fly.

Thanks for reading!