Do you want to simplify your life?

Hello! Part of my spiritual practice involves the use of Doreen Virtue's Angel cards. Well, mine are Mermaids and Dolphins - I have a much stronger affinity with things of the ocean and love the cards and the messages they convey.

This one card "Simplify Your Life" has popped up several times over the past 3 months. Some weeks, it has been back to back. While sitting, waiting for Oprah's lifeclass to begin on Monday, the card popped back in my mind yet again.

And suddenly I got "it". After all, I HAD simplified my life. I have cleaned and cleansed my home from basement to attic. I have discarded untold mega bags of trash, un-needed and old clothes; given away tons more, including household items, artwork, shoes, handbags to the Purple Heart. I even donated my car to WEAA! So what else is a girl to do?

"Simplify My Life" is not talking about things, not material things. The card was and is referring to mental, spiritual "things" my thoughts. Well, what in the world? Simplify my thoughts-how. And here is where it became crystal clear.

Thoughts are THINGS! Let go of unneeded, unwanted and unproductive thoughts about anything, about everything. Understand that those thoughts are always counterproductive to what your real goal is - to be better, to do more.

All we have is right now, right this second. Thoughts are concerned with the past and the future. There is no need to have thoughts of right now, cause right now is- it just IS.

I trust that all that I need to have done on my behalf will be done. My worrying thoughts won't get it done quicker, nor will it make the waiting any easier. Why not just let it be- trust, breath, trust.  Have FAITH!

"Now FAITH is the evidence of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrew 11-1

This is one of my very favorite bible verses. Please concentrate on the word NOW! "NOW FAITH". Faith right now, right this second, this instant is all you need to have.

This might take a few to sink in. Take your time, but don't take too long. We have lots to do - starting right now!

Thanks for reading. Be blessed.