Do You Want a FREE Angel Card Reading Gift Certificate?

Hoping your Thanksgiving was simply marvelous. Mine was very low key, my son had to be to work at 8pm! He is making plans NOT to be there next year! In the spirit of the season (Giving) I am offering you the opportunity to purchase two, yes 2 Angel Card Readings for the price of 1! My small way to say Thank YOU for your Embrace and Support of my Angel Card Readings! For every Angel Card Reading purchased, you will receive a FREE Gift Certificate! You may also purchase an Angel Card Gift Certificate and receive another certificate free. Hence, 2 for price of 1. This offer is in effect December 1, 2013 through December 24, 2013. You will receive your gift certificate via email with the name of your beneficiary, the reading gifted and the benefactor(You)! The Angel Card Reading Gift Certificates can be used at any time. Your recipient will need to personally request their reading (by contacting me via email or phone) to advise they are ready to receive their reading. Should you have any questions regarding this process please refer to "Are You Ready to Request Your Angel Card Reading" page. To Purchase Your Gift Certificate, please do so below! Thank you for Giving! Season Cheers and Joyous Light! The Holidays ARE HERE! Be Blessed, Michelle

Your Angel Card Reading!