Do You Know When You Have Enough? (American greed)

American Greed is one of my favorite shows. I try to limit my real life shows. ID TV is fascinating, but I really do not enjoy KNOWING how much insanity is in the world. American Greed is another thing entirely. Many of our current issues, globally and politically directly involve greed. So, when is enough, ENOUGH? Week after week, I watch as people give con artists their entire life savings, even borrowing against their home’s equity in a quest for MORE. While I understand that it is illegal to take people’s money knowing full well you have no INTENTION of investing it (other than into your own pocket), the fact remains that this was not a stick-up. This was one person giving another person money to make more money. I have nothing against investment. But in no reality or alternate reality would I ever, EVER consider giving anyone all the money I have. Not ever, Not anyone! It just does not feel right to me. I can imagine the bells ringing loud and clear – DO NOT DO THIS! Taking a loan out on a paid for home – like hell! And who would ask you to do that other than a crook? From what I have been taught, investments ALL have the possibility to lose money. They are NOT guaranteed. That is because sometimes you gain and sometimes you LOSE! When you have willingly given someone your money, which they use to pay other investors, and take the rest- YOU gave that person the money. Very few of the “victims” on this show have had the honesty to say “I GAVE THEM MY MONEY.” Very few have owned up to their part in the scam. A scam takes two people, the scammer and the mark. You can choose to be neither. Be Grateful for what you HAVE. Show gratitude for the things you take for granted that others would consider a blessings. Count YOUR blessings. Do it today and every day. Thanks for reading! Michelle