Do You Have An Angel Story to Share?

Angels mostly speak in whispers, in between the silence and the noise. Often, what you think is just your imagination is actually your angel, trying to get your attention. Only rarely do they make a physical appearance, though at times other highly intuitive people can and do see them often. They look like real people so most people remain unaware that they have actually seen an angel! I have my own angel stories. I would love to hear yours. If I receive enough stories, I will dedicate an entire page to the angels who walk beside us and only have our best interests at heart. My angels show up as different scents. Jasmine, Sandalwood and another flower that I have yet to identify, but it has become so familiar over the decades. I often smell them at the strangest times in the weirdest circumstances. Last week, I was tiling my floor. I was not paying attention but did notice the sweet scent of flowers. My response was “Really” How much assistance do I need with this floor?” But in retrospect, it had been a few bad days for me. As I worked out my issues, I got a fly by to let me know I was back on track again. Déjà vu does this as well. How many times have you realized in an instant, that you have been here before, done this before. I have read an entire newspaper the day before it was published. This has happened several times! Déjà vu simply means you ARE on the right track and are exactly where you need to be. Stay tuned and SHARE YOUR STORY! I would love to hear it! Thanks for reading and SHARING! Don't be shy, don't be SCARED! Tell YOUR Angel Story! It is time! Google