Do They Make You Sparkle?

Sparkle: a : to throw out sparks

b : to give off or reflect bright moving points of light c : to perform brilliantly d: to become lively or animated courtesy of Merriem-Webster

People have a funny way of looking at relationships. Too many times we look at what the relationship gives us as opposed to what we bring. In addition, the personal interactions can either bring you joy (sparkle) or bring you down.

The people we really want in our lives are the ones that make US sparkle. Seldom is this relationship one sided, in fact, if you have someone who helps you sparkle, you share that same light, love and joy with them.

It is the ultimate in a win/win relationship. The more light we each bring into our worlds, the more light there is to share with others. The more light we share with others, the more light there is on the planet. The more light on the planet, the moreĀ  people will awaken to the truth that we are indeed all connected, that we all matter, that every person is important.

Seek out that person who makes you sparkle. And make sure you, in turn are sharing your sparkle with others.

A light under a bushel cannot shine. Now is your time to SPARKLE!

Thanks for reading!