I start my day with the Daily Word. Included with these words of wisdom is the link to the Daily Word site. Find it on my Spiritual Links page as well. Real easy, it is www.DailyWord.com Bookmark for yourself and Choose to start you day with an extended Word. When you do this Daily, the messages for your life appear - by spirit and on purpose. Set yourself up for SUCCESS spiritually. NOW IS THE TIME! Friday August 9, 2013 Set an Example MY LIFE TELLS THE STORY OF WHO I AM. If a child mimics me when I am not at my best, I may not like what I see. It reminds me that others see more of who I am through the way I live, than what I say I believe. To “walk my talk” means to demonstrate the peace, love, forgiveness, and abundance of which I speak. Jesus did not wait for others to lead the way; he set the example. I follow him by forgiving myself and others when there is pain or misunderstanding. I speak words of peace when conflicts arise within me and around me. I look for the spark of the Divine in others and I connect with them in love. I bless what I have and I share generously from the unlimited abundance of Spirit. My life tells the story of who I am. Show me your faith apart from your works, and I by my works will show you my faith.—James 2:18 I so LOVE this Bible quote, for WHO among us is a Christian (or Spiritual) without the WORKS, not WORDS to back that statement up? WHO? Prosperity Saturday August 10, 2013 INFINITE SPIRIT IS THE SOURCE OF MY GOOD. At times, I may think the source of my prosperity is a specific job or person. Or, I may consider my greatest asset to be a particular possession. While gratitude for these blessings boosts my sense of prosperity, other people or things are not the source of my good. In fact, nothing in the material world is the source of my supply. As I enter the Silence, I remember that Infinite Spirit is the one true, unfailing source of my good. A consciousness of Spirit is my limitless, lifetime supply. I give heartfelt thanks for this truth, recognizing that developing my spiritual consciousness is the greatest investment I can make in expanding my spiritual and material prosperity. If they listen, and serve him, they complete their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasantness.—Job 36:11 AMEN, AMEN, AMEN! Thanks for reading, Michelle