Daily Word - Protection

As we mourn yet another senseless tragedy, my prayers for all who are impacted directly and indirectly. Senseless gun killings yet again, with politicians who have neither the will nor the courage to do the right thing BECAUSE it is the RIGHT THING TO DO! I taught my children there is no glory in doing the right thing, but it will bring comfort to your soul and soothe your spirit when you know you have done what you can, the best YOU can in every situation. GOD and WE THE PEOPLE (of course and our Angels) are all we have got. Please do your part and pray for our world, our people and our planet. Be kind to yourself and each other. Thank you. Namaste Tuesday September 17, 2013 Protection Daily Word I AM PROTECTED BY A CONSCIOUSNESS OF TRUTH. Sometimes the world may seem unsafe or dangerous. When conditions are beyond my control, uncertainty can develop into fear. If I am fearful, I have an opportunity to return to Truth. I affirm these Truth statements: The Universe supports me in every way. God is absolute good and everywhere present. The spirit of God within me is my protection..As I let Truth fill my mind and heart, I am protected. The spirit of God within is my safeguard in danger, my guide through doubt, and my courage in times of fear. Trusting in the Truth, I am protected. My essential nature is strong and secure. God in me is my protection. Trust in the Lord, and do good; so you will live in the land, and enjoy security. ~Psalm 37:3