Angel Card of the Week 2 of Water

Got an early start today. Bet you cannot tell by how late this is being posted. WELCOME to JUNE! Angel Card of the Week Angel Tarot 2 of Water Angel Card Tarot 2 of Water Water signifies emotions, relationships, how we feel and about who, whom or what. This card in particular speaks to relationships. These can be romantic, platonic or professional. Mutual love, respect, and understanding is growing and thriving. Be on the lookout to create better relationships on every front this week. Pay Attention to your heart - Forgive if it is required. Now is not the time to break a relationship off, end a relationship or terminate a friendship. Difficulties have a resolution, be proactive and compromise as needed for the greater good. This card can also indicate an unexpected gift (thank YOU God) and shared ideas. Have an amazing week! Thank you for reading and sharing the Angel Card of the Week!