Controlling Yourself- You Are All You Have

Hello, This is a weekly email I get regarding the Kabbalah's 72 Names of God.  This week's writing is based on the Name for "Design beneath Disorder"(Chaos).

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Control Yourself

May 15th — May 21th , 2011

New students often ask me to explain Kabbalah in a sentence. I tell them that I don't need a whole sentence, just one word: control.

What do I mean by control? I certainly don't mean manipulating people or situations to suit our selfish desires. I mean the ability to never be a “victim” and to always know how to transform a bad situation into a good one—for yourself and everyone involved.

In kabbalistic terminology, control is seeing the Light in every situation.

And that's where most people fail. When someone in our life is filled with unpredictable venom, when our emotional buttons are being triggered, when there seems to be nothing good that can come out a situation, we feel helpless and so we relinquish our power. Our challenge is to have the strength, and the character, to always see the Light, even in the darkest situations.

We can uncover the Light by asking two questions:

1. Why is it happening to me?

2. What's the bigger picture here?

Asking the first question helps us focus on what the situation came to teach us and how we can use it to transform our chaos. It means switching our response from, “how can I get rid of this?” to “bring it on.” Difficult situations are simply Light contained within “klipot” (shells of negativity.) Avoiding the situation is essentially rejecting the Creator's gifts. Think about that one…

Asking the second question, “What's the bigger picture here?” takes the focus off of us and puts it on the other person—in a sharing manner. Instead of focusing on how the situation is hurting us, it’s better to ask what need is going unmet in the other person and how can we help them, if at all.

The beauty of this two-step process is that the moment we see at least one answer clearly, the situation begins to resolve itself. This is because when we see the Light at work in the situation, we’ve stepped out of victim mode and into control mode.

This week practice this procedure on every difficult situation you face. No matter how painful it is to look inside, no matter how tough it is to confront your issues, now is the time to take back the control that is your destiny. It's as simple as it is effective. Have a great week.

All the best,

Yehuda Berg – The 72 Names of God Weekly Kabbalah Tune Up.

The Kabbalah is something I found a few years ago. I have studied this info and receive the tune-ups daily.

Control YOURSELF. YOU are the only thing in this life you control. Accept just this one fact and you will never be in this situation (what ever the situation is) again. Controlling you allows you to walk away from people and situations that make you act out.  Act out of who YOU really are. A most Beloved Child of God. Remember it- and use it daily.

Thanks as always for your time.

Be Blessed and remember- who and whose you are.