Congrats to Gabby Douglass

Congrats to Gabby Douglas and all our Olympians this year. As a gymnastic fan, just seeing her smiling face after each performance has meant the world to me. Seeing the ugly comments about her HAIR has left me puzzled, disturbed and very sad. Sad that there are black women, AMERICAN BLACK WOMEN who would dare put their own self hate on display. To then project that hatred on a 16 year old who has worked her ass off, sacrificed much more than we will ever know is downright SHAMEFUL. So, in a rare fit of pique, I am calling those sisters OUT! YOU are dead wrong. Look in the mirror. Look in the mirror FIRST before you dare judge another - ever. It is not for you to judge anyone, let alone someone who is the BEST GYMNAST in the world. If unhappy with you, your looks, your hair, your job, your LIFE - then change it. If unhappy and you don't have the courage to change it - then shut up. Like mamma said "If you've got nothing nice to say - SAY NOTHING" We are each responsible for every part of our life. EVERY PART. Change your life, make your life better and you will never FEEL the need to judge someone else again. I waited until today to post this, thinking that I would not feel this level of resentment. I was wrong. I am still pissed as hell. The other thing I need to remember is that we are all doing the best we can. But, some of us can do BETTER! Thanks for letting me get that out of my system! Michelle