Compromising Your Integrity Part I

Hello, In a recent late night chat with my personal angel, I got quite an insight into the whys involving compromising my integrity.  The answers were pretty surprising.  Our conversation came about because of something I felt the need to do to improve my financial situation. It was something I do not believe in, but would increase my “bottom line”.  It was mostly my exasperation with the no word that brought about this info.

Compromising our personal integrity is the basis of many of the issues we face in life, right now. Doing something you don’t WANT to do, or feel uncomfortable doing is, on some level a compromise of your integrity. The impact will be felt on all levels, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and lastly financial. It is the ultimate trickle down effect.

We are all born with memories of joy, pain, betrayal, love, triumphs and disappointments. These feelings and lessons are encoded into our DNA and make up the “who” of what we are.

Our core beliefs are based on past lives we have lived. Lessons learned, mostly the hard way, karmic balancing and spurs to personal growth all make up our core soul which is based on both our connection to God and our personal integrity. WE define our integrity, by learning from our mistakes and ingraining those lessons in our DNA to be re-membered in future lifetimes.

So, when we ignore our own intuition, our own “self” and our angel’s whispers, the compromising begins. That feeling starts with “something is not right”, or not working for you in the here and now. When even the thought of (whatever it is) enters your mind, it is dismissed, because it just does not “feel” right.

Pay attention. This is more than just intuition though that does play a part. Each and every time you compromise your personal integrity, your core essence is slowly chipped away. Over time, this can leave a person “coreless” which I will discuss as well.

Whatever the gain- the cost is too high, especially right now.  Now would not be the time to compromise, no matter how dire the situation nor how great the benefit appears to be. It just “appears” to be – it is not REAL.

When you don’t compromise for the right reasons (no ego involved), you strengthen your core,  your heart and your spirit.  This will improve the ease and grace in your day to day living.

Part II will deal with addictions. Part II will post on 11/3/11

Thanks for reading!