Compromising Your Integrity and the Addiction Issue - Part II

Thanks for coming back for the second part. Enjoy! For so long, I could not figure out what the big deal was with using drugs within the spiritual community. All I could get was – not to do so.  I have never been a fan of being told no (hello, free will anyone)?  So that never sat well with my soul.

As I asked the questions about using drugs, the answer was that it is not the DRUGS within themselves that are the problem. The drugs are HERE and part of our reality.  The real issue with using drugs comes about when a person compromises their integrity FOR the drug.

Like the argument that there are addicts and there are drug users, one size does not fit ALL. However, the fact is, drugs can and will make a person compromise their integrity to the point that they have no core “self”. They have so removed themselves from the equation, they are now lost in the drug and instead of free will, it is actually the will of the drug making the choices for the person= an addict.

It seems so basic, anyone should be able to see it. When you allow anything to chip away at your core self, with each and every compromise, you lose. You lose what you stand for, you lose your self respect, you lose the respect and trust of others and the list just grows and grows. Your very essence is slowly being chipped away.

When a core-less person shows up in your life, bless that person with love, shield yourself in love and light and always (as you should at this time) pay attention to every message you receive regarding all your interactions.  Pay attention to your core integrity and stay your course.

Much love, Michelle