"Compassion is sometimes the fatal capacity for feeling what it is like to live inside somebody else's skin. It is the knowledge that there can never really be any peace and joy for me until there is peace and joy finally for you too.' Frederick Buechner So much going on. Sandy was an ass kicking storm, how could it have been anything less? The storm was huge, though not strong. The slow moving rains and winds are what always cause problems here in B'More. Lots of trees come down after it has rained for 24 hours straight. Luckily (or blessedly) none came down in our immediate area. I always go out and talk to my trees. Sure my neighbors think I am nuts, but hey, my trees (huge, old oaks) are still standing. YEAH! I talked to them this time, my son came outside to ask what in the world I was doing. Shamefully, I said "Talking to the trees. Telling them a bad storm is coming and they need to stand strong." These things do help. It is like a prayer with an action component. Our trees are real, have been here for decades. Do I really know that they do not have their own angels, or diva spirits? No, I do not. I do know they are alive and they matter to me. So I ask them to continue to shade us in the summer and stand strong in the winter. For all those who are suffering and will continue to suffer both here and in other states, trust that a nation and world is praying for your continued relief. So sad that many do not believe in climate change, cause changing it is. I will add that if and when your elected officials tell you to EVACUATE an area, then do that. This is not the time to be willfully ignorant. Because you don't believe something will happen does not make it truth. Many of those people who were hit the hardest were advised to LEAVE. They made a conscious decision to stay. So, yes, I am praying for them. I am also praying that common sense will once again prevail. That the things I learned on the little island of Bermuda can be taught everywhere. Cause hurricans, blizzards and floods Happen. Seems they are happening more and more. Offer help where and when you can, for the opportunity may not present itself again. Thanks for reading. Be blessed and share those blessings today. Michelle