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via: Pondercentral Here is just a bit of this posting. It is quite reflective in it's honest appraisal of RELIGION as we know it. religion ATTRIBUTE: MJM Photographie via FLickr BEST of PONDER on THIS for Friday, July 31st, 2015 by Neale Donald Walsch in THE NEW REVELATIONS Posted on July 30, 2015 by jmaz479 “The basic message of all the sacred scriptures is the same. What is different is how human beings have been interpreting them. There is nothing “wrong” with having different interpretations. What may not benefit you, however, is separating yourself over these differences, making each other wrong because of these differences, and killing each other as a result of these differences. Please continue reading these reflections on religion on Pondercentral. Thanks for checking this out. Enjoy your weekend!

Neale Donald Walsh

Added a BOOK page! WhooHOOOO! Read this on Friday (after I decided on Thursday night to ADD BOOKS for Spiritual Development to the site). When you are doing what you are SUPPOSED to be doing, God and your angels will send little "messages" your way to say RIGHT ON! Thanks for READING! Michelle Neale Donald Walsh Friday June 21, 2013 On this day of your life, Michelle, I believe God wants you to know... ...that you need to read more. No, really. You need to read more. There's a book right now waiting to be read by you. Do you think this book has come into your awareness by accident? It has been placed before you by your Consciousness. Go get it. Read it. Make margin notes. Do it now. Sometimes Life jumps out at you with its message, fairly screaming at you: get this. This is one of those times. I'm telling you, there's a book you've been scheduled to read right now. Don't ignore the schedule. It's Divine Intervention. Love, Your Friend.... Neale Donald Walsh

A Dangerous Spiritual Teaching Part I by Neale Donald Walsch

Passing along this message of clarification for readers on every level. For some of us have been told WE are the problem, we create our situations, therefore we must "fix" them. While this still can be considered "true", the actual Truth of that message needs a little more explanation. Neale Donald Walsh does a masterful job of explaining it here. Thanks for reading! Michelle My dear friends... The message that for many years spiritual teachers have been sharing-that "you are creating your own reality"-can be a dangerous teaching if it is not fully explained. There are two things you must know about the "you create your own reality" teaching: (1) First, it must be explained (as we have done several times here now) that you are not "creating" anything, but merely noticing or remembering its existence, then, by focusing on it, calling it forth as a "manifestation" from the Field of Infinite Possibilities that is the Always Now/Always Here of things. What you are creating is your Interior Reality of these manifestations. It is in this sense that the statement "You are creating your own Reality" is true. (2) Second, you must understand that even what we call the act of "creating" the Exterior Events of our lives is not something that anyone is doing alone. No Exterior Event in Physicality is created by any single individual. Such a thing is impossible. These two little points are not "little" points at all. Indeed, no small matters, they. For with these huge understandings we are relieved of the mental and emotional stress, frustration, pressure, and problems which could eventuate from us imagining that we are responsible for all that is going on in the world-or for that matter, in our personal lives. Even more beneficially, these are marvelous tools with which to move through those occurrences, integrating them with greater ease into our earthly experience. So let's take one final look at these two points. We'll discuss Point #1 this week and Point #2 in our next issue of this Bulletin. Point Number 1: Since everything that ever was, is now, and ever will be, Is Now, the act of pure creation is impossible. What we call "creation" is really an act of awareness. It is the act of becoming aware of a particular portion of What Is So. Awareness is achieved by putting your attention on something. You are seeing that something is there, but if you are recognizing that it is there for what seems like the first time, the seeing of it produces the impression that you have placed it there. This is the illusion called "creation." As I have endeavored to point out here now multiple times, there are two kinds of Events in our experience on this planet. There are Exterior Events, which are Physical, and there Interior Events, which are Metaphysical. Put simply, there is what is happening, and there is what we think about what is happening. Most people don't contextualize their movement through the moments of their life in this way. Yet this is precisely the way we are getting through our days. First, something happens. Either we do something, or something is done to or around us. Second, we have a thought about what is happening. Our thought follows the occurrence so quickly that we often meld the two into one. We imagine that the Exterior Event and the Interior Event are the Same Event. They are not. And this is one of the greatest secrets ever withheld from humankind. We are not told this in school. We are not informed of this by our society. We are not brought in on this secret by our common culture. No one wants us to know this. Why? Because if we know this, we suddenly have complete control over our Reality. And that is the last thing that our society wants us to have. How can a society as a group be controlled if every member of that society has complete individual control over his or her own Reality? The aim of every totalitarian society, then, is to get you to stop thinking for yourself by doing your thinking for you, and to convince you to adopt its thinking rather than embracing your own. The First Freedom is not "freedom of speech." The First Freedom is Freedom of Thought. Always remember that. And this is the one Freedom that no one can ever take away from you. That is what makes you a Divine Being. That is what makes you the Sovereign in your own Kingdom. That is what makes you "God." For you do, indeed, have the power to "create your own reality," interiorly, of any Exterior Event. You can think anything you want to think about what is going on around you; about what has happened in your life; even about a future that you imagine might occur. Your Thoughts are your powerful tools, and no one can stop you from using them. Nelson Mandela proved that during 26 years of incarceration by the rogue minority white regime that had for so long controlled South Africa. St. Joan (also known as Joan of Arc) proved that during the French persecutions. And Jesus proved that during the entire second half of his life. Others have proved it as well. Winston Churchill proved it when the Exterior Events produced by Hiter's Nazi air force would have had him believe that England was doomed. Jonas Salk proved it when medical science would have had him believe that there was just no cure for polio. Martin Luther King Jr., Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, and Harvey Milk proved it when American society said that blacks, women, and gays were not equal to white male heterosexuals, and should therefore not be given equal opportunity, equal pay, or equal rights. And you prove it every time you decide that Conventional Wisdom about anything just may be wrong-or at the very least, incomplete-and that you and you alone get to decide what is Real and True for you. You do this by using the Mechanics of the Mind. This is how your Interior Reality is created. It is far too sophisticated a machinery for me to describe it to you here. I strongly, strongly advise you to find a copy of When Everything Changes, Change Everything and read it from top to bottom. Take notes in the margins. Underline or highlight in yellow its many incredibly powerful and pertinent passages. Get the book and read it now. It is changing lives all over the place. (Am I trying to sell one more copy of a book I have written? No. More than 7.5 million copies of books I have written have already been sold. I don't need to sell any more. What I am hoping to do is help change your life. I am hoping to offer you something that could open a doorway to that.) We'll explore Point #2 above in this space next week. Until then, I wish you well on your journey. Hugs and love, Neale P.S. The thoughts above come from The Holy Experience, a full-length book that you may download for free at Simply click on the Free Resources icon. * Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. With an early interest in religion and a deeply felt connection to spirituality, Neale spent the majority of his life thriving professionally, yet searching for spiritual meaning before beginning his now famous conversation with God. His With God series of books has been translated into 34 languages, touching millions of lives and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives. 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Angels are Whispering!

I cannot STRESS the importance of paying attention. To pay attention you have to be open to receive. Not stressed, not angry, not depressed. Allow the messages to flow - and trust they will. When you get a "hunch" act on your hunch immediately. Honor your intuition as a valid form of communication. Believe you received this message for a reason and then act boldly. Thanks for reading! Michelle On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know... ...that a hunch is angel talk, and probably should not be ignored. Listen to your hunches, pay attention to your intuition, do not dismiss your random thoughts, inspirations or ideas. Heaven talks in snippets, not in speeches. Angels whisper fast. They have to when they're flying around... Honor your Hints from Heaven. They could be giving you the best advice you ever had. Neale Donald Walsch

Choosing Happiness

As a followup to the post on August 22, 2012 I received this Neale Donald Walsch message for the day. Thought I would pass along. What happens is, sometimes we get reinforcement for the way we should be, the thoughts we should have. We get ENCOURAGED! So, when encouragement, validation or PROOF appears - BELIEVE it! The message was meant for you! Be Blessed and thanks for reading! Michelle Neale Donald Walsch On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know... ...that you can be happy right here, not tomorrow, not in ten minutes, but now. You can be happy right now. Byron Katie said that, and she is right. Happiness is allowing yourself to be okay with what is, rather than wishing for, and bemoaning, what is not. Obviously, what is is what is supposed to be, or it would not be. The rest is just you, arguing with life. Somewhere along the way you will have to learn to just Trust Life. (Read that, "Trust God.") Why not start today?

Losing Our Patience - An Epidemic

Being in an emergency situation since Friday, June 29, 2012 has shown me more and more that there are two very distinctive personalities co-existing in this now time. One “type” is aware of others, shows respect, an attitude of co-operation and expresses gratitude for things big and small. Well, the other – doesn’t. You may consider this a judgment call, but I consider it simple observation. To see people recklessly drive through intersections, cut people off, try to hit pedestrians because they have a clear shot across the street is both dismaying and astonishing. To hear politicians and regular folk alike want to ensure that there are people who die because of lack of health insurance, that families should go bankrupt paying hospital bills shows a lack of basic human compassion. I want to say it is a 50/50 split but really, it is more like a 60/40 split. Sixty percent of people are actually civilized and operate from the heart. The other forty percent have no hearts and it appears no brains either! Just saying that you are what you DO! Not what you say, not what you say you will do, not even what you THINK you will do. YOUR ACTIONS Matter. Make them count! Neale Donald Walsch On this day of your life, Michelle, I believe God wants you to know... ...that when you pray for anyone, you tend to modify your personal attitude toward them. Norman Vincent Peale said that, and he touched on something truly profound. If someone is vexing you right now, say a prayer for that person. Send them all of your best energies. Nothing changes the environment like one person deciding to love another, no matter what. Thanks for reading! Michelle

Do You Know What You Have To Offer?

This is so true- I read it after I came home on Monday from a long day of appointments. The last lady who assisted me really made me feel like all is well and that I too have loads to share. Get out of your own way and share your light, joy and laughter with the world. What are you keeping it for? It is meant to be shared - so get to sharing!


On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know...

..that you have something important to contribute

to your world today.

Every day God sends you one person for whom you hold a gift in your hand. You will not know what it is until that person greets you, but you will then know it immediately.

The only questions remaining will be: Will you give your gift? Right then and there? Fully and completely?

By the end of this day you will know why you received this message just now.

Love, Your Friend....


Neale Donald Walsh- I Believe God...

Hello, This is actually an extended post. The "post" part is from Neale Donald Walsh's daily emails titled "I Believe God Wants You To Know"  The amazing thing is, I got an email from Mr. Walsh last week, that I opened and "participated" in over the weekend. The result was so amazing, I emailed the site via info@ to request if I could post the video here on my blog.

While they advised they could not speak for Mr. Walsh, this is the email that came on Thursday. Please read and I will tie them together at the end of the post. Thanks

I Believe God Wants You To Know January 26, 2012

On this day of your life, Michelle, I believe God wants you to know...

...that God is talking to you every minute of every hour of every day.

You are never alone, or without help or guidance, counsel or advice. You need but purely and earnestly

ask a question and God will answer you, directly and immediately. The answer may come in an unexpected form, but it

will come.Your only job then will be to not ignore it; to see it for what it is. For all you know these very words

may be an answer to your question about whether God is even listening to you or offering you guidance.

Love, your friend Neale

Now, here is my personal revelation. Mr. Walsh sent out a video for a 7 minute exercise. It does not take seven minutes.

He advised to get yourself into a quiet space (no distractions) empty your mind, turn off your thoughts. ASK God your question.  Then, LISTEN for the answer!

This is what I did and my results were astonishing, even to me! I have never believed I needed anyone to "speak" to God on my behalf, though I know that prayer works on a definitive level.

However, this was different, this was personal, this was REAL!

So, I asked my question and immediately got my answer. The answer was quiet, loving and peaceful.  My answer was "This is not real. I need you to trust Me!"

My heart recognized this loving answer and responded with a flood of tears-gratitude for both the answer and the acknowledgement that God is indeed talking to me every day.

Try it and see what happens for you.

Visit Neale Donald Walsh to get additional details. As he has stated, it may not be right away, but you will get an answer. Trust the process, trust your heart, Trust GOD!  You have nothing to lose but FEAR!

Thanks for reading.

Much Love,