Weekly Angel Card July 5, 2015

Romance Angel Cards by: Doreen Virtue Calling IN Your Soul Mate! I love the beauty, power and message of this angel card. After all, WE determine who we attract, by our actions and our being. I have always shared that being a better you improves the quality of your most intimate relationships. When you are working hard on being a better human, it is much easier to bypass the dregs of society. You have better things to do with your time and you deserve much more. angel card, romance angel card This angel card acknowledges your readiness to receive a mate and asks for your active involvement in finding them. "Calling In Your Soul Mate" requires you to be open, focused and optimistic regarding your future. YOU have got this! By now, if this is what you have been seeking, you should already have gotten indications in dreams or signs that indeed, your soul mate is near. This is a beautiful card, with a guardian angel standing over a woman as she invokes guidance and assistance in finding her mate. BE aware that as you ask, you will receive! Soul mate relationships are not all flowers and dancing, they challenge us to utilize all the tools in our spiritual and mental arsenal, doing so with grace, kindness and humility. You asked for this and your wish will be granted. Are you ready? Thank you for reading the angel card of the week. It is open season on LOVE!

An Angel in the Sky

It is not often we get to actually see an angel. After all, we are only human and often, even when we SEE, we refuse to believe. If you have checked out my spiritual support page, you will note I have a newsletter listed call The Gentle Way. It was this newsletter that received many requests for verification of the picture I am sharing. When I saw the picture I knew it was an actual angel. What else could hold that amazing white light in the center, surrounded by the pink light of love for one and all? The picture is truly awe inspiring. Keep believing in angels. They exist, they are real. I will include just a bit of the answer from Tom Moore's newsletter. angel, angel over Palm Beach ANGEL CLOUD OVER PALM BEACH Pam writes: I expect you are getting lots of messages about "that angel cloud" that was seen over Palm Beach, Florida the other day! Any information? All the best and keep up the good work! Multiple pictures here "Gaia, was the angel-shaped cloud over Palm Springs real or photoshopped?" "It was real, Tom. One of whom I’ll call the cloud souls who love to do that work with an artistic bent formed it. "So it was not photoshopped?" "Not in this instance, Tom." If you are so inclined, you may wish to read the remaining information regarding this angel "showing" for yourself. Please check out Tom's newsletter, you may learn a new thing or two! Thanks for reading! Much love, Michelle

For the Love of Children

“Your children are not your children. They are sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself. They come through you but not from you. And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.” Kahlil Gibran from The Prophet Raising children is not easy and is not supposed to be. You are responsible for raising a human being; a person who you hope will be kind, loving, generous, compassionate and passionate. That is, unless you are raising a child to be selfish, self-centered, greedy, manipulative and destructive. I have no idea where the breakdown is. What I do know is my children fit the first description far more than the second. What I do know is I won’t ever have to worry about my children taking a weapon anywhere and firing upon helpless individuals. I do KNOW that I have raised my children to be respectful of their elders (even when they disagree), to understand the world does not and is NOT supposed to revolve around them, and to work for what they want, as hard as they want – or not. Children I have never saddled my children with my expectation. Like my daughter being married, or my son running a company (unless it is his OWN company). I have tried to raise them to see beauty all around, to be aware of kindness when it graces their lives and to treat people as they are treated. When a person chooses not to treat you well that means it is time to WALK AWAY! Sunday evening, my son woke me at 3am to take a look outside at the falling snow. I am so sick of snow by now that it was the last thing I felt like doing. However, he insisted. So I grumbled, put on a robe and went to the door. He was right. It was absolutely beautiful. We both stood and watched for a few minutes, he even recorded with his phone. My son was not expected home at all. However, when I asked him why he came home he asked ME – who would shovel in the morning if he was not here? Fair enough, I thought, but will there really be any snow. There was – and it did need to be shoveled. At 31, I think my son is more than ready to take his place in the world. He is getting his romantic live sorted out, he is investigating the option of working for himself and while he often does not stay at home, on nights that it snows, he makes sure he is here to shovel in the morning. He also appreciates “mother nature” in all forms. We have watched meteor showers, visited both the zoo and aquarium. I tried to show my children that what they see in Baltimore is not all there is to the world. That there is a whole planet with amazing animals, plants and natural phenomenon. It seems that all that reading, dragging them to the zoo, both local and nationally is paying off. I am so grateful to have raised a considerate, loving, kind and generous man who will make some woman an amazing husband and father. In fact, I cannot wait! Thank you God for 2 amazing children, now young adults. While both have made mistakes, they have also taken responsibility for their mistakes, a lesson many adults NEVER learn. I pray that God and their angels continue to keep them close, that they continue to pay attention the warning signs received (both have shared that often they get the “feeling” ) and they continue to act on all the guidance they receive. Thank you God for this blessing of my children. Thank you for reading. Angel Blessings! By:Michelle D. Smith

Do You Have An Angel Story to Share?

Angels mostly speak in whispers, in between the silence and the noise. Often, what you think is just your imagination is actually your angel, trying to get your attention. Only rarely do they make a physical appearance, though at times other highly intuitive people can and do see them often. They look like real people so most people remain unaware that they have actually seen an angel! I have my own angel stories. I would love to hear yours. If I receive enough stories, I will dedicate an entire page to the angels who walk beside us and only have our best interests at heart. My angels show up as different scents. Jasmine, Sandalwood and another flower that I have yet to identify, but it has become so familiar over the decades. I often smell them at the strangest times in the weirdest circumstances. Last week, I was tiling my floor. I was not paying attention but did notice the sweet scent of flowers. My response was “Really” How much assistance do I need with this floor?” But in retrospect, it had been a few bad days for me. As I worked out my issues, I got a fly by to let me know I was back on track again. Déjà vu does this as well. How many times have you realized in an instant, that you have been here before, done this before. I have read an entire newspaper the day before it was published. This has happened several times! Déjà vu simply means you ARE on the right track and are exactly where you need to be. Stay tuned and SHARE YOUR STORY! I would love to hear it! Thanks for reading and SHARING! Don't be shy, don't be SCARED! Tell YOUR Angel Story! It is time! Google

Happy Valentine's Day

February is LOVE month. Let's share love for and with each other on every level. You can show love to each person you interact with, KNOWING that the love you GIVE will Always find it way Back to YOU! Being love, acting with love is what we are here to do. Noble and difficult, especially with so many haters running amok. However, YOUR job, if you choose to accept it, is to elevate the spiritual consciousness and to awaken the sleeping, to lead the forgotten, to assist those who have given up hope. We are living in an awakening of global cosmic awesomeness. Are you ready to do your part to elevate the HUMAN RACE? Have an amazing and loving weekend! Sharing some LOVE music! Peace! By:Michelle D. Smith I Love Chante Moore - A Highly regarded songstress.

And, just a little MOORE with some help from Mr. Keith Sweat! One of my all time FAVORITE LOVE SONGS

Are You Interested In A Romantic Relationship?

As Featured In The start of a New Year is a great time to assess where you are regarding an intimate relationship and where you would like to be. Have you worked hard on being the best you possible, but still face challenges in your personal relationships? Are you seeking a spiritual equal, a person you can learn from and grow with? Have you worked diligently on personal growth and self-awareness? Those of us who consider ourselves spiritually seeking still desire companionship that is fulfilling, enriching and inspiring. Being comfortable with your own “self” opens the door to allowing nurturing and loving relationships to enter. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. There are many “spiritual singles” who are working relentlessly on their spiritual growth, releasing past betrayals, pain and healing from old trauma and associations. So, where is your spiritual partner? There may be some hidden blockages or resistance to opening one’s self to joyous, healthy and loving relationships. You may be well aware of this resistance, but have not yet figured out how to address and release it. When you request an Angel Card relationship reading, you are seeking the guidance of the Romance Angels! These cherubs specialize in love and offer gentle messages on opening your heart and mind to the facets of love and loving. All relationships require trust, honesty and communication in order to flourish and blossom. As with every angel card reading, you will receive the answer you need to cultivate both your relationships and spiritual awareness. Doreen Virtue offers Angelic Affirmations For Romantic Love. This meditation is about 10 minutes long and well worth the time out. If this is of interest to you, please check out the link below. Ready for your Romance Reading? Head on over to my Request Your Angel Card Reading page and request your reading, today! You are blessed and loved! By:Michelle D. Smith

Why ARE You Here?

What is your song? I have shared the message regarding “Your Song” several times on my blog. Just last night, watching “Chopped” of all things, one of the firefighters stated “We are ALL here to do SOMETHING” advising he was here to be a helper. So, what are you here for? Finding the answer, the TRUE answer to why you are here will remove and release much stress and anguish from your life. Imagine, if you are here doing what you were sent to do, what you signed up to do, what YOU promised both God and yourself you WOULD do, what a wonderful world we would live in. There would be no need of envy, for we each would be able to provide, share, barter for whatever we need. There would be no hunger, for enough people who came here to be farmers would be farmers. Enough people who came here to provide shelter, would provide shelter. Enough people who promised to be healers on every level would be healers. Imagine a world where we did what we were meant to do, even if that involved low pay. Think of all the people who work in jobs because of the salary, or the people whose only job is to con other people into believing Greed is a good thing. What kind of world would we have if we all were willing to GIVE without thought of SELF? What kind of world indeed. A far better place than what we have now, I assure you. One worth fighting for, one worth praying for. Put your imagination, your prayers and your meditations to work for the GREATER GOOD. I dare YOU! Wanted to share a facebok post from Tantra (via Debbie Mancini) Thanks Debbie! Am also sharing the info - and a link back to my own post on this lovely message. Thanks Finding YOUR Song! By:Michelle D. Smith

Happy Birthday Dr. King!

I have always celebrated Dr.Martin Luther King's birthday ON his birthday, January 15th. Call me a purist if you like. While I truly appreciate the federal holiday and day off, I often have spent my Dr. King day in giving back. My question to you TODAY, prior to the federal holiday is what are you giving BACK? Anything, NOTHING? What? We are each responsible to bring Dr. King's dream to fruition, not for some but for all. Sharing a pic and a link to the King Center site, where you can share YOUR DREAM! So, tell us what YOUR dream for this world is. BE BOLD! The Universe awaits your bidding! By:Michelle D. Smith