God Is

Fighting God and Other Insanities

Last Wednesday March 18th I was not on speaking terms with God again. I have done this several times in my life. How long I remained on non-speaking terms depended on my circumstances and how angry I was. This is why I love having the freedom of my own personal relationship with God, one unfettered by religious fervor or mores. After all, it is considered sinful to not want to talk to God. Divine setting sun So, here is my take. On Wednesday a horrific event befell one of my sisters. Yup, another sister. Again, this sister is easy going and easy to get along with. So, what the fuck? When I go on my "I won’t be speaking to you for a while jaunts", it is always prefaced with a rant, out loud as to why. I prefer to think that instead of having to remember WHY I did what I did on judgment day, if I SAY why I am doing it, it can prompt that much needed discussion as the big and little whys of life. After all, If You Never SAY Anything, HOW will anything EVER CHANGE? This was only a short silence on my end but I am sure God was grateful for the break. The craziest part is, a few days before this event occurred, I was overwhelmed with immense sadness, so much so that tears were rolling down my face. An Angel sat with me for hours that night. The scent was comforting, floral based but not one I am familiar with. I did thank them for their presence, could have used some of that Grace on Wednesday and Thursday. I knew something was coming, it would be bad, but not for whom. Wednesday we found out. It was far worse than I ever could imagined. So, if you feel that you have a right to be angry with God than BE ANGRY! God loves you No Matter What. God’s love for you does not have to earned, you do not have to do anything to get it and keep it, FOREVER! God Is Love. That my friend is a complete sentence. Thanks for reading.

Divine is the Daily Word

Daily Word Saturday May 3, 2014 Starting Point Spirit is active in me to accomplish unlimited good. Every dream has a point of origin—a moment when we know there is something that is ours to do. Our dreams are sparked by divine ideas. From the start of any new adventure, I draw upon my faith, because I know I am one with Divine Mind. I embrace divine ideas as they come to me, knowing I have the power to bring them to fruition. Through the power of imagination, I envision my dreams unfolding. I cultivate them in my consciousness and give thanks for their ultimate manifestation. Divine setting sun I use the power of strength to persevere in my goals and use wisdom and will to make the right choices. With a spirit of success, I joyfully embark on new life adventures. Be glad and rejoice forever in what I am creating.—Isaiah 65:18 Walk with God, for that is your divine birthright. Own it!

Faith is Today's Daily Word

Monday, April 28, 2014 Faith My faith is strong and my life successful. Daily Word Faith is the perceiving power of mind coupled with the power to shape substance. It is knowing that what I seek is already mine in Spirit. Through the power of faith and the energy of God, I cocreate experiences of health, abundance, and joy. Faith is like the steel used to reinforce and strengthen concrete. Steel provides a strong foundation on which to build a desired structure. Likewise, faith provides a stable foundation for creating the life I want to live. I allow faith to permeate my mind, filling me with the assurance of God’s good. Day by day, as I live in faith, it grows stronger and my life unfolds with ease and grace. Who is a rock besides our God? The God who girded me with strength, and made my way safe.—Psalm 18:31-32 Google

Happy Easter 2014

Easter is the promise of life everlasting and eternal redemption. God's so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son to SHOW US THE WAY! Easter 2014 is the promise delivered. How many of us will hear the word for what it is - a promise that we each are Christ like that we all are sons and daughters of a loving God? 3 Palms for Easter 2014 Hear the trumpets,smell the flowers, see the truth that God LOVES us all. Each and every one of us. We don't need a congregation to verify this (but is is wonderful if you have one). We don't need the approval of people, we just need to do what we have been sent here to do. NOW is the time to deliver on your promise. Happy Easter 2014 to you and yours. Enjoy and reflect on your journey, your path. Are you ready?

Faith is Today's Daily Word

Faith My faith rests in God within. Daily Word Faith is not based on statistics or facts or what I perceive through my senses. Faith is “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” It comes from confidence in the presence and power of God within. If I have succumbed to fear or worry, I consider the teachings of Jesus: “Have faith in God.” As I align my thoughts in accordance with this simple yet powerful teaching, my attitude shifts. I am uplifted, confident, and assured. I choose to place my trust in God—in Divine Love and Wisdom. In any situation, I focus on what I know to be true and unwavering—the presence of God—and I am assured that all is well. faith Jesus answered them, “Have faith in God.”–Mark 11:22 In spite of a truly challenging week, there has been as much joy as there has been pain. I AM Still standing, still joyous and full of gratitude, this message today encapsulates the definition of Walking By Faith. I am so grateful for all the blessings shared this week. Thanks for reading! Angel Blessings! ATTRIBUTE: Please check: Thank you Flicker for use of this image! HH Logo Header - Design

The Daily Word on OneNess

May God Bless and Keep Each and Every ONE of US! Daily WORD! Oneness I surrender to Oneness. I am free. A drop of water will not flow far on its own, but as part of the sea, it can travel the world. I am a drop of water in the ocean of God. I know this truth when I enter the Silence. In that quiet encounter, the walls of my ego dissolve. I no longer feel separate. God breathes me, and I breathe God. I spend time in the Silence every day, inviting a greater awareness of the One Power and One Presence. I observe thought patterns that may have hindered me from experiencing the all-encompassing Presence in me, around me, and as me. I surrender to the sweet, luminous love of the One. I am boundless—Oneness is me and I am Oneness. I experience the Infinite, and I am free. You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.—John 8:32

Merry Christmas!

2013 was a year of intense challenges, growth, joy and pain. Yet, the last week of hard work and blessings aplenty have shown me what I have always known - that I am Guarded, Guided, Protected and Loved in countless ways. Even when I don't speak to God or my Angels, they never stop talking to me, they never give up. For that I love God, her complete and amazing universe, Mother Earth and all my Angels! THANK YOU! James St. Clair My message as we celebrate the birth of Christ is to dig deep for the Christ within you. You don't need anyone to tell you how to find your path. The path is yours and you are the only one who gets to walk YOUR PATH! Time is moving swiftly, because the entire planet is changing. Can you feel the quickening? Are you ready to do what you came to do, what ONLY you can do? Let's GET TO WORK! Celebrate now, but know that work lies ahead. Prepare yourself with healthy food, alcohol in moderation, drink plenty of water and get your rest! Your gonna need it in 2014! See you on the other side! Much love, Michelle Artwork by James "Saint" Claire

Daily Word - Protection

As we mourn yet another senseless tragedy, my prayers for all who are impacted directly and indirectly. Senseless gun killings yet again, with politicians who have neither the will nor the courage to do the right thing BECAUSE it is the RIGHT THING TO DO! I taught my children there is no glory in doing the right thing, but it will bring comfort to your soul and soothe your spirit when you know you have done what you can, the best YOU can in every situation. GOD and WE THE PEOPLE (of course and our Angels) are all we have got. Please do your part and pray for our world, our people and our planet. Be kind to yourself and each other. Thank you. Namaste Tuesday September 17, 2013 Protection Daily Word I AM PROTECTED BY A CONSCIOUSNESS OF TRUTH. Sometimes the world may seem unsafe or dangerous. When conditions are beyond my control, uncertainty can develop into fear. If I am fearful, I have an opportunity to return to Truth. I affirm these Truth statements: The Universe supports me in every way. God is absolute good and everywhere present. The spirit of God within me is my protection..As I let Truth fill my mind and heart, I am protected. The spirit of God within is my safeguard in danger, my guide through doubt, and my courage in times of fear. Trusting in the Truth, I am protected. My essential nature is strong and secure. God in me is my protection. Trust in the Lord, and do good; so you will live in the land, and enjoy security. ~Psalm 37:3