Calling All Seekers Of Truth, Love and Light!

Althea’s angel message is on point and personal. Each of you who read this blog is a seeker. Seeker of truth, love and light.  You seek to know, be and do more.  So for today, use the gifts God has given you to seek more. Dig deeper, drill for the nuggets of truth that reside in your hearts. Then act on the information you receive. May your hearts be blessed!

Thanks for reading! Michelle

Today's Angel Message ====================

Endeavor to strive for your best. That doesn't mean to burn out by pushing yourself too hard. Striving for your best means tapping into your highest self through meditation and mindful disciplines like yoga, tai chi, qi gong, etc. Your best is deep inside of you. Reach down deep to find that highest self; the best that you have to offer the planet. Everyone will thank you for it!


Althea does private readings for individuals that encompass life purpose, angel messages, spirit guide messages, medical readings, and loved ones from the other side. Althea holds a B.A. in English and an M.S. in Technical and Professional Communication.