Bringing Messages Of Hope To You Part II

Thanks for reading Part II of Ruth Ryden's messages. Michelle This teaching from the Masters is an important one for our time. ACCEPTANCE “One of the most important things you will ever do in your life is to realize and accept the presence of the eternal energy of the Creative (God) Mind in your own mental and physical beings. Many of you testify to others that this is so, yet there is a chasm over which you have not really stepped. That chasm is filled with doubt, fear of the unknown, hesitancy, and all of the words of friends, loved ones and the media that say there is only what you see, hear and touch. Your personal trip to this dimension was not made without much thought and consideration. Your Soul needed the information, experience and education that would be gathered by your personality in order to fill the gaps in its need for full knowledge of all things. Leaving the atmosphere of Absolute Love in the spiritual cosmos is not an easy thing. Those adventurous spiritual beings who first wanted to experience life in a material body experienced some real shocks and became caught in situations that were far from pleasing. You knew what you were in for and were brave enough to step from the spiritual macrocosm into a world of danger, anger, uncertainty and even suffering, in order to experience these things and overcome them, bringing to the Soul the knowledge of pain and triumph of accomplishment. The education almost all races of humanity receive from their different societies is one of controlled harmony within that society, which is necessary on your planet to keep some kind of order. However, over the centuries, control has meant the drive for power of those who do the controlling, grabbing to themselves the riches and power base that leaves those they control with the dregs of freedom and financial security. Religious institutions held out against such powers for a long time, then began to incorporate those tendencies within their own organizations. Humanity has felt pulled back and forth from one ideology to another, between spirituality and the density of third-dimensional reality. In the sophisticated workplaces of the world, spirituality has been equated with weakness and downplayed for a long time. Today, however, the power of spirit through the application of meditation, even in work places, has become a light for the world. Those of you who work with psychic awareness in many ways are making yourselves known (sometimes a bit too commercially) , for you have the inner wisdom that is accessed when it is needed to help other people. During times of great tragedies that inner wisdom and great physical strength is accessed more easily and readily when you have the complete and utter knowledge that it is there, ready when you need it. That is when many people finally leap over the chasm without a second thought, knowing what is on the other side and ignoring any negative thoughts or ideas that may have kept them from doing so before. What you have at your fingertips is a hot line to the universe! Your conscious minds are a very little part of your actual mentality, which is of a mighty spiritual being in contact with the Mind of God constantly. You call your real spiritual self your “Higher Self”, which is well named. Only by crossing that chasm of negative thought and feeling can you truly access your real self with all of the dignity and reality of who you are. You cannot be who all of the rest of humanity wants you to be; they have no idea who you are, why you are here, or what you can do. Human beings have an unfortunate tendency to want to ”herd”; to be alike, dress alike, think alike. It is a very deep sense of insecurity left over from primitive times, when people had to protect each other from the elements and wild animals. The need of teenagers to “herd” like this is a way of living through that primitive instinct, until they progress to the point of realizing their own special capabilities. It is a part of growing up. Look around you today as you move through your daily activities, either at home, at work, or on the road somewhere. There is a look about people who are in real touch with themselves; they are self-confident and ready to touch others with their vibrations without being afraid of being rejected. Rejection becomes only a matter of understanding that another is not ready for you. When you and your Higher Self are finally connected intellectually, all the little things that either bored you to death or got under your skin become of no consequence. There is a level of understanding of yourselves and all other human beings that enables you to walk through life with consideration for yourself and for those people stumbling in the dark. Terrible diseases that flood the Earth are the consequences of negative feelings and actions that were realized and foretold many centuries ago. Humanity comes to a point where a cleansing has to be done – that is all there is to it. Those who have refused to listen, refused to realize Love, will be the most stricken. There is no such thing as “innocent people who are suffering”. You don’t like that! But, consider this: Every human being has a reason for experiencing negative attitudes and anger, whether it shows on the surface or not; they are part of the life experiences he/she have come to learn. The cleansing of such negativity by disease is a final release to many personalities of the negative frequencies they have had to take on; When they return to spirit, they rejoice. Help them, all of them, to open their hearts and minds in this lifetime to the reality of Love and your prayers will heal the negative elements before those so afflicted have to go through such agony on earth. Yes, karma does have a lot to do with this, and large groups of spiritual beings have come into this lifetime to experience starvation and disease to release themselves from perhaps many lifetimes of unreleased guilt or anger. They, too, can be helped by your prayers to understand what is happening and give them strength to live through what they have planned for themselves. You can protect yourselves from the many virulent viruses that spread around the world. Your own inner attitudes and absolute Love will keep you from suffering unnecessarily. Remember to visualize a White Light around your physical and mental beings, for this is the revealed creative energy that exists all around you at all times. It is up to you to tap into that energy and use it for yourselves and all those you may also want to protect. Why can’t you put that White Light around the whole world? Because you do not have that power, and because the Plan of God will not be changed. There are mighty forces working in the world you have no knowledge of, and will not, until you return to spirit. You are given, however, personal powers that expand as you expand your own awareness and acceptance of that connection to the Universal Creative Energy you call God. You can lock yourselves away and burrow under the covers to escape what is to be, but using your own spiritual powers will keep you aware of what is happening and give you the knowledge and wisdom to walk through this age with power and self-confidence. When you cross that chasm, with absolutely no looking back or down, there will be a constant Light infusing your mind that gives you permission to do things you could not do before. The ability to sense what cannot be seen; the ability to transmit your energy to others and draw on universal energy to perform healing and bring strength where and when it is needed is a profound experience, linking your mind and heart to the Creator. Only you can prevent yourselves from becoming extraordinary human beings. The planet you live on is evolving and human beings who permit themselves to evolve with it will see a new world and a new way of living, both in the third dimension and into the fourth. The “cleansing” has a great deal to do with letting those who cannot in this lifetime accept the reality of evolution return to spirit. They will either go on to other realities or travel to another third-dimensional planet to continue their education until they can and will accept the universal evolution that is now occurring. No one can decide these things for others, as much as you would like to help those you love leap over that chasm; each must make that decision for themselves. As human beings, you are limited to a great degree in what you will be able to access from the connection with your Higher Selves, for the enormity of creation is quite beyond your present comprehension. As you evolve, more and more of this knowledge will become part of your inner awareness. The door to eternity and all its wisdom is open to you. We, your teachers, guides and angels, are waiting to give you the boost you need when you ask. There is so much to gain – nothing to lose. Accept and gain once again the wisdom and knowledge you have so carefully and arduously achieved over the centuries We send you our blessings and our everlasting Love through the Mind of God.” ************ ********* ********* Ms. Ruth Ryden: Still accepting requests for personal spiritual readings. 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