Bringing Messages Of Hope To You Part I

This message is both timely and needed. Seems as if the more things change, the more things APPEAR to stay the same. Fear not. Change is a coming! Loved Ms. Ryden's message for the hope and light it brought to my spirit. I hope it uplifts, comforts you and brings you hope, light and LOVE! Part II will be posted on November 7, 2012. By that time, We The People will have decided exactly what kind of country we wish to live in and leave for our children. Thanks for reading! Michelle Sam Cooke A Change is GONNA COME! Dear Readers: What an important month ahead of us now! Choosing a President to run our country for the next four years is an important decision for all of us. If we listen to our inner connection with the Creator of all things, all will be done in proper order. The Great Storm has left such destruction, but, thank goodness, forewarnings helped people to be prepared to take care of themselves. Now is the time for those impacted by the raging waters to help each other. Send prayers for strength and clarity of mind to all those who will be struggling to get back to normal. Canada has already had their Thanksgiving holiday, and ours is already being highly advertised in all the stores and markets. Among the pumpkin and Fall flower decorations, I sincerely hope that the concept of Gratitude is not being lost. A gathering of family or friends at this time should be one realizing all the good things in our lives and the importance of these people to us. A brief moment of prayerful thanks to our Maker is a necessity that has been part of our heritage and should be a daily moment in our lives. Our family here has grown to such an extent that an all-family Thanksgiving dinner isn’t really possible anymore, and I think we will all miss this kind of gathering. Still, I am very thankful for a life full of hard work, love, sharing, and being part of a physical family that is still just representative of our eternal soul connections. We are One. I wish all of you a day of gratitude, remembrance and sharing in some way. ************ ********* ********* ****** MASTERS: “The aftermath of the hurricane slamming into the East Coast of North Americawill continue to affect the northern states and Canadafor another week or so. Atmospheric anomalies caused by the changing frequencies will continue to bring difficult weather conditions around the world this month until there is an evening of those frequencies throughout the planet. Seasonal temperatures will be fluctuating in all time zones; unusual warming and sudden freezing will bring unexpected problems and nice surprises. North Americaand South Americawill be experiencing changing weather patterns this month and continuing into December. The Mayan prophecies were correct as to the function of the solar system in your galaxy, rising the frequencies of all of its planets at this time. Even though the changes in Planet Earth are very slight, they will obviously impact your atmospheric and seasonal situations. As we have said before, be prepared for the unusual, delight in the surprising modifications. Europe and Asia will be in the same situation this month, as earth movements and volcanic eruptions where there were none before suddenly come to life. As the planet shifts and twists under the surface, temperatures thus produced will be changing ocean currents and uplifting new land to the surface of the oceans. Island groups around the world will be experiencing earth movements and either sinking to some degree or finding new land appearing at their beaches. Ancient ruins of drowned civilizations will be heaved closer to the surfaced of the seas and be discovered. This is the time in your world of great changes and great discoveries, both of physical anomalies and of the power of the human mind. We will not give a listing of probable weather situations this month, for the entire world will be experiencing unusual happenings. Europe , Asia, Africa, Australia, all of the great land masses, will experience land movements and shifting to some degree. We don’t see massive destruction or terrible storms as a constant, but the unusual weather patterns will make it clear that yes, there is a “turning” taking place. As below, so above, so to speak. These higher frequencies are causing great consternation in many people as their way of thinking and believing is being challenged to the hilt! If you feel uncomfortable with your life, now is the time to listen to your inner feelings and allow them to bring you into a better way of life and living. Modern life has brought people to a point of being separate from others, which, in turn, has resulted in many problems. Let this grand transformation of the world gift you with a new way of looking at yourselves and all others. The great change is for you, as well as for the planet earth.”