"Blooming Humans presents Poetry to Awaken Your Consciousness"

Created by Stacy Robin and the Blooming Human Team! Thanks!
Dream Seed HuManifesto
Once upon a Waking Dream ...
A Seed of Love awakens within the Heart of Humanity.
Drawn by its Brilliant Light, our attentions quicken Life
in this Divine Space of Creation.
Radiant Beauty fills our Hearts
as we witness this Dream Seed sparking!, spiraling, diversifying;
Roots rushing to Crystalline Core of Changing Mother
Shoots rising to the HeartFire of Father Sky.
Now growing, glowing, weaving and flowing
through the Sacred Space of our Hearts,
this Seed is becoming a living, breathing Tree of Love.
We are this Tree of Love.
Our roots are connection portals
nourishing and sustaining the continuance of Life,
grounding our body,
and strengthening our ability to thrive.
Our branches reach to drink the Light,
providing a Space of Love
for each bud to blossom, each flower to fruit.
Blooming Humans are WE ...
Infinite Combinations in Infinite Diversity.
We Birth New Reality
as One Heart, One World, One Love.
Our hearts now beat in Divine Union
Each breath is a prayer of Gratitude.
Our True Divine Nature Awakened,
we Re-member the Language of the World.
We enjoy Life with grace and ease,
for we are Dreaming Awake
the contents of our Heart.
Flowing in Harmony with the Seasons of Life,
we seed, nurture and harvest for the Good of All.
Abundance springs from being True to Self,
We thrive in our Authentic Power;
Providence is ours, as we are open to receive.
Star Families, Masters, and Guides mirror Wisdom within,
revealing the Ancient-Future-Now
in every thought-word-action-deed.
Leisure is our Joy-Full Expression
of Thanks and Appreciation.
Our Spirits soar above the landscape of creation --
With Clarity of Vision, we follow our Bliss.
We are the Lineage of the Codes of Love,
Carrying the Source Code for Life.
The wisdom of the Ancestors is ours for the asking,
All we seek is found within.
Creator, Father Sky, Giver of All Life
we send out our voice of intent,
Aligning our Will with Divine Will
in order to benefit Humanity and all Creation.
Changing Mother, Divine Mother Earth
Guide us as we, too, are changing each day.
Teach us the Power of Love,
so our Hearts will shine the Light of Life
through all Creation.
We take our Place in the Great Circle of Life,
honoring All Our Relations.
In this Great Coming Together,
We remember we are ONE
Our HeartFires ablaze,
our Spirits Lighted in Ecstasy
We enter the Age of Peace and Illumination
We are ALIVE! We are ALIVE! We are ALIVE!
With Love-filled Hearts,
we give thanks.
It is so, and so it IS.
Blessed BE! 

Ukehi Shi'bijii (Thank you for being our heart)
Ashne ate (We are Love always)
~ Stacey Sophia Robyn, 2011