Beached Whales In New Zealand

My heart breaks for New Zealand and the pod of pilot whales. Whales are very social creatures. They seldom live alone, unless in capture or are like the loneliest whale on earth. She is alone because her song is in the wrong pitch - and other whales cannot hear her. Whales love community. When a whale is beached, the community rallies. This urge is intensified with pilot whales, who happened to be off the New Zealand coastline. How apropos they choose Farewell Spit to make their stand.

Beached Whales on New Zealand's Farewell Spit

The pilot whales in question choose the night of the lunar eclipse/full moon to release their energy into our NOW. Sound far fetched? Speaking as a person with intimate knowledge of marine animals, whales and dolphins in particular, I wept this morning when I heard the news. These are lovely, gentle creatures who chose to leave our planet, together. Can you feel how profound a choice that is? We need their loving, gentle energy, right now. The beached whales offer us a reprieve from the hate that infects the United States at this time, which has been countered with love and energetic protests around the globe.

I give loving thanks to Mother Earth to take care of these beached whales in New Zealand. The outpouring of humans to try to save as many as possible is gratifying. Some WILL be saved, in spite of themselves. Many will die, and that is heartbreaking.

Please remember this is a sacrifice from the whales to US. Those of us who fight for the rights of all people. Those of us who work tirelessly IN THE LIGHT to combat the creeping darkness. Those of US willing to take a STAND. Thank you pilot whales for your love of the One, of Mother Earth and the silly humans who inhabit her. Thank you for your grace and gentle love.