Are You Willing To Take Advice From God? Part 1

Hello, I have received TONS of messages I would love to share with you. In the interest of time, I will be posting more than usual this week.

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HEAVEN #3830 ================= Rest in God May 21, 2011 =================

God said:

You may consider too many things. You may weigh too many things. Would you just let yourself be?

When you are feeling lethargic, maybe you are supposed to rest more.

When you are feeling energetic, maybe you are supposed to do more.

Exactly what makes you tend to think that, wherever you seem to be in terms of life, that you are supposed to be somewhere else? What exactly is wrong when you are one way today and another way tomorrow?

Who said that you are to be chipper every day? Who said you have to be anything at all?

Whatever your seeming condition, you are My child. If My child needs more rest, well, then get it. And if My child needs more activity, then, well, go get it. It seems that you worry yourself every which way to Tuesday. You keep pulling the carpet out from under yourself.

Today, make the decision once and for all, that you are fine just as you are. Your hair does not have to be perfect. Your day doesn't have to be perfect. You don't have to be perfect.

Take a vacation from exacting demands on yourself. Certainly stop demanding that you consistently be other than you are right now.

Stop asking: "What is the matter with me?"

I will tell you what is the matter with you. You think too much.

I will answer that question another way as well. I will say: There is nothing the matter with you.

What is today is today. What was yesterday was yesterday. What will be tomorrow will be tomorrow.

It seems like you fight yourself day and night. You nag yourself. No wonder you are worn out. All that nagging would wear anyone out.

I accept you. Can you not accept yourself? Whether you are running the rapids or drifting in a canoe, what does it really matter? You are you, and who you are this minute is good enough for this minute.

No longer keep raising the bar on what you must be. Let Me take care of you. I do take care of you.

When your body says to rest, then rest. It is so simple.

I think you are making too much of a production of your life. Consider that you are a candy-maker. You have to let the candy set. You can't always be stirring up the candy. There are different stages in candy-making, and you must allow them their turn.

Give yourself a break. Don't beat yourself up any longer. Do not be a nagging wife or husband to yourself. Be one who loves instead, simply loves and smiles and appreciates you. Be in your own corner. Pat yourself on the back. You are truly wonderful, you know.

You live life on more than one level. You do not always have to come in first. First or last, you are you, made in My image.

Remember that after the sixth day, I rested. I made no apologies for it. I wanted time to mull over My creation and saw, again and again, that it is good.

I am going to put a badge on you now. The badge reads: "God's Child."

I pin this badge on you so you will remember who you are.

I pin this badge on you in the hopes that you will be good to My child, even satisfied with My child, pleased with My child, happy with My child and let yourself be. Letting yourself be is a little different from resting on your laurels.

Take the day off today, and just be. Rest in Me.

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