Are You Willing To Share Your Light Daily?

Sharing your light can be as simple as a smile to a stranger, a thank you to a service rep, or holding the door for another person.  Many times we are just too “busy” to even think about these simple gestures of kindness. It requires you moving out of “yourself” and acknowledging there are others in the world beside you. I say, shed some light on each situation.  Share your light willingly and joyfully. You may just be astonished at how good it makes YOU feel!

FEEDBACK is welcome- feel free to share your feedback, comments and critiques. I do know you ARE reading. Feel free to share your light with a comment or two!

I added my Haiku attempt to the Blooming Human FB page.

Share your light with all No need to hide, shrink or fall Shine ON Shine Brightly

Take care- Enjoy your day!