Are You Willing To Heal Yourself FIRST?

Hello, Now is the time to be about you. Time to focus on your needs to be healed, whole, loved and happy. Don't you think you deserve these gifts? Are you ready to bring those qualities into your life? All you need to do is ask, with a heart to serve and your wishes will be granted.

It is no longer just about you and yours. There are much more important things going on- we can almost see them crawling behind the scenes. Has anyone else seen things out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn your head there is nothing there?

That has been happening to me for weeks now. Another thing that happens is the ability to see a wave of rippling energy. Looks really cool, but not good when I am driving!

For today, I am overjoyed. So happy I cannot contain all this joy. My wish for you is that YOU reach this space of love, light and being happy, just because.

There is plenty of room here for one and all. What are you waiting on?

Thanks for your time!