Are You Up To Your Challenges?

I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much. ~Mother Teresa I love this quote! It is so annoying when I hear people tell me this. They don’t know WHAT crosses I bear because I seldom share my pain or my burdens. I shoulder them alone, or with God and my Angels. My angels must carry most of the weight. I don’t and never have dealt with things that I choose to ignore. Sometimes they disappear, sometimes they bite me in the ass. All depends on the nature of the beast and the timing of the game. Trust me, I surely, SURELY wish God did not trust me so much. The burdens are heavy and at times I get weary. Then I take a time out – I just STOP everything until I see and feel relief. I no longer push my way through. I ask my angels for help and request assistance NOW! I simply cannot cope any more on my own. In a few days the sun does come back out, a way has been made and I can once again SEE what needs to be done by me, the only person who can do the task in which I have been charged. Oh well, back to work! Oh yeah, Happy Halloween. The ONLY Adult holiday in the year. Nothing to do with satan, devil worshiping or witchcraft. Nope, I enjoy Halloween because it is the ONE day out of the year that I can Pretend to be WHO EVER or What EVER I Desire! Without judgement (ok, not counting the "saved") and with joy and abandon. My best jobs all "dressed" for Halloween. In the spirit of the imagination, of being MORE than you can imagine. Happy Halloween! Namaste