Are You Ready To Try Forgiveness?

Happy Easter! We all know the power of forgiveness. If you don’t know, can’t remember or just feel that it is not yet possible, let me give you a refresher course. Forgiveness is for and about you. It may be one of the truly selfish acts that you accomplish on your spiritual journey. It is selfish because even though you are “forgiving” another, in fact, you are forgiving yourself for being an active participant in whatever dastardly deed has occurred. It is not possible to forgive another without FIRST forgiving yourself. When you forgive YOU, it is easy to release the other person and thus forgive them. So, today, forgive yourself. Only after you have forgiven yourself for everything you think you have done wrong before you work on your list of "other" people to forgive. Don’t cram too many in at time. Savor the release, for this may be the last time those folks cross your mind. Truly forgive them and they will cease to be a factor in your life. To be totally rude and blunt – they will become the ultimate Non –MF Factor! Here is the link that you can use to explore a deeper and more through way to forgive. I have used it and it WORKS. Like I said, after I used this method, I never thought about those people again. Included family members. POOF, be GONE! Enjoy your Easter Sunday. Be good to yourself and someone else today. Thanks for reading Michelle