Are you ready to change fear to excitement?

Today's Angel Message ====================

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Your earth is abuzz with anticipation. She is growing too, getting ready for change, and she loves you very much. Understand when she goes through transitions so do many souls who are ready for the next phase of their journey. So when you see events on the news, instead of saying, "Oh my goodness, this is horrible, what is this world coming to," know that although we understand change is extremely challenging for those left behind, there is a great celebration in the heavens as we welcome home the souls who have graduated from their lifetimes here upon your planet earth. So although this is not coming immediately, dear ones, can you ready yourselves for change - not by worrying and falling into fear, but rather by trusting God, knowing that all is in right order, and that everyone upon your planet will be exactly where they should be at the time.

The best way to ready yourself for change is to live in the moment, for that is where God's guidance and the whispers of your angels are heard most clearly. If you live in fear of the future - be it fear of an earth change, fear of the stock market, fear of losing your job, your spouse, or your house, then dear ones you miss the moment! You miss the guidance that can help you prevent such circumstances and you unconsciously begin to seek out the very path that you fear.

Can you change your fear to excitement? For in reality, they are one in the same, just opposite sides of the very same coin. Suppose you fear you will lose your job. Instead, can you say, "Oh I'm so excited! There are changes on the horizon and I feel them. I trust I will end up perfectly where I am supposed to be and since God love me so much, I don't have to worry! If I am supposed to look for a new job, I will have the urge, and if is not necessary, I needn't do a thing." Suppose you live in fear that something terrible will happen to those you love. Can you say instead, "I am so excited. I am discovering how deeply I love these people, how much I want them protected, and kept from harm and although I know if they have lessons I cannot interfere, God hear how much I love them and let my love surround them with the light of your protection. I'm so happy to know you are listening God. I trust if they must grow through pain you will give me the strength to lov e them through it." Suppose you fear for your finances. Rather than focusing on the absolute worst that might happen, can you say, "I'm so excited God! I know you love me and will take care of me and guide me how to handle these finances. I know all my needs are met if not naturally then supernaturally because you love me. I will do what I know to do, and walk in faith that the rest is handled."

Dear ones, do not fall into fear. Do not take actions based in fear. Instead take actions based on love, feelings of guidance, enthusiasm, excitement, or quiet calm. In this fashion, by focusing on faith, rather than fear, you will be guided safely to the shores of love.

God bless you! We love you so very much. -- The Angels

With much love, Ann Albers

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