Are You Living Life In The Cheap Seats?

“There a lot of Cheap Seats in this community, in this world where you can sit back and never risk anything, and throw criticism (hurl hate bombs) at the people who are trying.” Dr. Brene Brown (courtesy of Oprah Lifeclass) This is especially true when dealing with life from a spiritual basis. The judgment and criticism within the spiritual world amazes me. All of us are on a personal path. Not everything is for everybody. What is for you will resound within your spirit. I usually ask people (mostly Christian and some Atheist) what they are doing to better their community and world around them. Because the BIBLE said, to love thy neighbor as thyself. So does that not mean that Biblically speaking we are all responsible for each other? If you read my home page or my about me page, you will already know I am an ACTIVIST. Code word is ACTIVE. I have never been one to sit by and let the status quo BE. Wrong, is wrong is WRONG. No exceptions, not even for myself. I expect a lot out of people. Most of the time I get exactly what I am expecting. There are times I get less. The responses I have received so far to my offer of a free Angel Card reading have been amazing. My thanks to each and every person who took the time to offer a review or feedback. Not much to say regarding the ones who have yet to post their review, or the ones who sent a request advising they had no intention to post a review, or the final crew, those who said they would post if it proved “relevant.” Regardless of relevance, each review was done with love, care and sensitivity. They took time to return them, often far more time than even the cost would indicate. Does this mean that I am changing my rates? Not just yet. However, the reviews speak for themselves. To date, I have done over 40 readings. While I will admit, I thought there would be more reviews, lets face it, we are all human. To date, the reviews are still trickling in. However, in defense of my disappointment, I do my best to keep my word. So, after another grueling day of readings (ok it was not THAT bad :)) I really wanted to RENEGE on how long the Free readings would be in effect. After all, this is business, right? Had that very thought as I was showering. I heard so clearly - "If you renege on your word, you are just as bad as the folks who took the reading, promised a review and then walked away. No difference." Did not make me happy, but I relented and let things stand. Checking my email later, I had not one but TWO reviews posted, and another soon after. My Angels showing ME that indeed, I am in the right place, at the right time and doing what I need to do... I am now confident in moving on to paid readings. Free readings will still be available until tomorrow, October 1, 2013. This is a talent I do have to offer. My thanks to all who shared their feedback freely and joyfully. You made my week! Namaste!