Are You Feeling Fear or Despair?

My beloved friend Bernard passed away Sunday morning. He was the second of my old "street crew" that we have lost. His generous, open heart and smile will be missed by us all. Rest in Peace Sweetie! Thanks for all you have done for us over the years. So happy your suffering has come to an end. Sad for US, Glad for YOU! Care for him well, Angels! So much going on, so much despair and fear. While I could sugarcoat things for you, I choose not to because you have chosen to seek what is true and right. Seeking truth is never easy. In fact, it is one of the most difficult decisions one can make. Think of how Dorothy felt when she found out the Wizard of Oz was a fake. Or how you felt when you discovered there was no Santa Claus. At some point in our lives we must wake up and look at what is real for each of us. Your reality will not be mine and mine can certainly not be yours. Not a competition, because when you compete all lose. Imagine a world where there is enough for everyone. Imagine this world is real, has always been real, but that reality has been hidden from you. How would that make you feel, really feel in your heart? Would you feel betrayed, angered, saddened? HOW would you feel? It is time to WAKE UP! Time to look, not just at what you see, but also at what you do not see. Time to listen to what is said as well as not said. The best lies are built on truth. When you add just a pinch of truth to a lie, it makes it more palpable, easier to swallow than an out and out lie ever could. These are just a few things to think about. The only person with the “right” answers is YOU! Thanks for reading! Michelle