Are You Even Trying?

God doesn't require us to succeed; he only requires that you try. Mother Teresa So many people do not even start on their life path because they are too afraid to try. To try anything different, they live in fear of other people’s opinion of their life. You and only you are responsible for what YOU chose to come here for. If you have negated yourself, belittled your spirit, broken your own self down (with help from “others” ) you only have yourself to blame. One of the great things about being a little odd, not normal, eccentric or downright strange is most people accept that about you and LEAVE YOU ALONE! What better gift can you receive than the freedom to just be YOU. You will never find that freedom hiding in the safety of a job that doesn’t offer creative release, a relationship that confines and restricts or friends who may love you, but just don’t get where you are going or why you need to get there. The path we walk is our own. YOU and I must OWN our path to walk it. At some point, the path becomes smoother, straighter and we can see exactly where we are headed and why. Until that happens WALK your path – follow YOUR road. After all, it is what YOU SAID you would do when you got here, on this earth. So, what are you waiting for? Namaste FOLLOW YOUR ROAD! SEAWIND!