Are You Afraid To Shine Your Light?

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. Edith Wharton How will you choose to shine your light? It is not as easy as it sounds. Try being loving, open, honest and honorable, all day every day. Not gonna happen. It is the WHY of being human. Sharing your love and light requires that you pay attention to what YOU are doing, as often as possible. The more you pay attention, the easier it will be to monitor your own behavior. After all, no one can change another individual. We all change on our own or not at all. When you start to pay attention to your words and your deeds, remember, other people who know you are used to you being a certain way. They may not immediately see a change, in fact, may accuse you of behaving in ways that were neither your intent nor action. Stay the course. The last opinions of you to change will always be those closest to you. They have had to deal with all of you for a very long time. They have dealt with the good, the bad, the horrific and the ugly. Give them time to adjust. They have earned it, because they paid for all the “wrongs” you have committed. Don’t give up, for that would be giving up on you. Not what we are seeking in 2013. Stay focused, look for assistance where and when you can. ASK for help. Even in the most desolate and lonely place on the planet, you are never alone. You have your ancestors who act as spirit guides, you have your angels and you have God. With all this love, light and protection in your favor, who or what can prevail against you? And obviously, if you are reading this you have the internet! There is so much information to find these days. Find the messages that ring true in your heart, then drink from that well often. This is what will give you strength to persevere! Keep fighting the good fight. The time is now to capitalize on the slow but sure awakening in the world. You should be able to feel that there has been a shift in consciousness. It is here, now, and it is real. Don’t let this priceless opportunity pass you by! Happy VALENTINE'S DAY! Be blessed in your search and thank you so much for reading! Dedicated to my Fairy GodMother - MAMA, I still miss and love you much! Michelle