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Archangel Michael: Wonderful Things Are Happening Now Channeled by Ron Head May 22, 2012 =================================================

Our discussion for today concerns truth.  Many have an idea of truth as an unchangeable against which they may gauge any concept.  We wish to discuss truth as a measure of what actually is.

We must understand that 'what actually is,' is at all times in a state of change.  One cannot find anywhere in the multiverses a single instance of a static thing.  Every single minute particle is in constant movement.  All is energy, frequency, light, life.  All is in utter and complete change at any instant.  Therefore, the truth which we are discussing is always in flux.

There are however, in each universe immutable ways in which things may change.  You call these laws.  It is nice to have something to rely on, is it not?  You are discovering now the consequences of attempting to ignore these laws.  For most of you, these would seem to be obvious.  But for some it has seemed for a very long time that they could proceed in directions contrary to many of these laws with total impunity.  This has brought mankind on earth and Earth herself to a very dangerous point.

Those who have succeeded for many centuries in assuming near total control of the planet are not unaware of the powers of the universe.  They have simply chosen the wrong power.  They have bet on the wrong horse.  The Creator has begun to bring illusion back into its true state.

You will discover that, in actual fact, only a small fragment of who you are is here playing this game of imagined separateness.  But please do not feel that you have been in error.  You sent yourselves here to have experiences and learn the 'what ifs' of separation, and you have done so, magnificently.  Those who have completed their learning are now coming home.  We are waiting with open arms for your return.  Your strength and courage and experience will now be of immense value in places where others need them.  You have earned rest, celebration, and when you are ready, the chance to aid many just as we have aided you.

Wonderful things are happening now.  There are only six months left in your year, and you have decreed many changes to occur.  Many efforts are being made to turn your efforts into violence and chaos.  Violence can be dealt with you see.  But the efforts to do so are being exposed almost as quickly as they happen.  We told you that you had won and you have.  Just keep listening to your hearts, dear friends.

Also, you are seeing many react to the new frequencies of this month in seemingly insane ways.  We have also discussed this before.  It will take some little time for those who were unprepared to begin to handle this new energy.  Some will not be able to.  Many more will find themselves changing in ways they will be at a loss to understand.  Be prepared to accept them with love.

Dear friends,  Be at peace.

Ron Head

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