ArchAngel Gabriel: The Flexible Reality of Life Part 2

Here is the 2nd part of ArchAngel Gabriel's message. Thanks for reading!


Am I Really Creating My Own Reality?

The need is growing for you to become more focused on the care of your physical body so you can be strong and flexible in body as well as in your mind and emotional state. Your core strength will literally hold you in your center as your world shifts, as long as you have a flexible mind to go with it. And don't forget to love and acknowledge yourself during the process of the greatest transformation you have ever known. Doing this will provide structure to assist your faith in the process.

Much has been made of the idea that you create your own reality. Some who work diligently on their intentions for life question its truth when there is no clear manifestation. Yet it is also said that you cannot solve a problem from the place of difficulty and that becomes the springboard. Be prepared to launch a powerful exploration of what can assist your manifestation of the clear and joyous intentions you put forward.

The laws of physics operate in ways that encourage your participation in new possibilities. Raising your vibrational frequencies then becomes the underlying answer for manifesting the life you are intending. We come back to the importance of the old sayings: What makes your heart sing? What encourages peace of mind? What brings you joy and laughter? All these basic tenants for a happy life offer you the opportunity for a shift in consciousness so your new life can manifest beautifully. The actions that raise your vibrational frequency offer you the place where your intentions can create the reality you truly desire.

Boundless Dimensions of Support are Available for You Now

Become more aware moment to moment of the boundless levels of support available to you now. The Angelic Dimensions, Masters of the Ages, and the vast Presence of Nature are actively involved with the evolution of humanity and the Earth. As massive and expanded as this may seem, this limitless power is nonetheless available for you to use for creative solutions in your own life.

There has never been a time when you were alone, no matter how you felt. These uncomfortable in between times of restless discontent are the exact moment when you need to ask for greater assistance so you can move into a new dimension of being. Spend more time in Nature and welcome the depth of its presence to help you feel more uplifted, grounded and safe. Give yourself time to receive Divine Love from the deepest sources within you so you can create a sanctuary to come back to that offers you peace. Let your physical body move and express in new creative ways you have not tried before. And most importantly, develop faith in your ability to follow your guiding Light as you create your new realities using the energy behind your powerful intentions. In those simple ways your life can take on a new radiant spirit that will inspire and delight you.

A Prayer of Assistance to Uplift Your Vibrational Frequency:

Divine Presence,

I open my mind and heart to receive your empowered Light in ways I never imagined possible. I am feeling your Divine Love flood my being with radiance. I now sense your Violet Light transmuting all disharmony in my energy field. I AM allowing your loving guidance to inspire me while I follow new pathways and fulfill my soul's purpose.

As I bring your Love through me, I ground Divine Light into the Earth and bless this beautiful planet with Gratitude and Love. I allow your Love to gracefully and easily change my mind and my life with new abundant resources and creative solutions for all that I face at this time.

I know you are with me always and I am never alone. I allow myself to receive a beautiful Cocoon of Golden Light that wraps me in safety and protection. I know that this energy is with me wherever I am.

I AM radiant with vitality from your loving presence. I AM abundantly prospered by the Light of your Guidance. All my needs are met with Grace and Ease and I AM cared for eternally.

Thank you God.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel

For Archangel Gabriel

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