Another Light Warrior Message

Not just for light warriors- the message is, as always, for those who FIND and READ it! Be blessed and thanks for reading! Michelle NEWSLETTER #127 FROM RUTH AND THE MASTERS OF LIGHT APRIL, 2013 Dear Readers, as many places in our world have celebrated Easter, remembering the resurrection of Jesus, it is disheartening to see it turn into a gift-giving of chocolate eggs, baskets, stuffed animals, etc. to children that have nothing to do with that momentous occasion in history. Christmas all over again. For those who do not celebrate the occasion, would it be so difficult to just give a sense of respect to those who do? Sigh. Regardless, I send my best wishes for a meaningful celebration this special day. Arizonahas been blessed with beautiful weather the past week and supposed to be that way for another week. However, we remember the Easter snow storms of the past. I am scheduled to have cataract surgery of my right eye on the 18th of April and am really looking forward to having better sight for now and the rest of my time in this lifetime. Probability is for the operation to also be done on the left eye in the near future. If next month’s newsletter is skipped or late, you will understand why.

************ ********* ******** Masters, what can we expect from weather and earth changes this coming month? MASTERS: “This coming month of April will come to be remembered as an historic change in the atmospheric weather conditions of your world for this time of year. The storms now dropping down from the Arcticacross Canadaand into the Eastern states and the Mid-West will act in ways not expected. Although the coastal areas will be hit hard again, we do not see sea waters impinging upon those who have already suffered so much loss. Those who enjoy and attend the seasonal sporting events will have to be prepared for difficult weather conditions in many places. By the middle of the month the harsh weather fronts will dissipate for the most part to provide some relief and warmer weather, although we still see a great deal of rainfall, especially in the southern states. Flooding is a possibility that should not be ignored. The northwestern states, and the southwest part of the U.S.will continue to enjoy warmer weather for two or three weeks, but we are seeing some drastic wind storms and unusual tornadic activity all along the western coast lines.

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