Animal Wisdom For Us To Share

Hello, This was among the December 12,2012 (12-12-12) messages I received last week. My apologies for the delay in posting. However, I think the message will resonate, whenever you have the time to LISTEN! For those of us who enjoy the love and companionship of our pets, this will come as no surprise. Think about it, there are only TWO animals that are considered "domesticated". They are HORSES and DOGS! Cats really do "choose" their owners - actually you are their "person." Horses and dogs are loving and lovely animals. The ways in which humans have mistreated animals goes beyond how amazingly hateful humans are to each other. You really can judge a person based on how they treat animal, children, waitresses, etc. The true "human" surfaces when faces with those they consider "less than." Just saying - Pay Attention! Thanks Jean Rockefeller for allowing me to share with my readers. You and Jack take care of each other. Much love, Michelle Happy 12/12/12!!! Posted on December 12, 2012 Jack's Corner We’re in the home stretch! As today is a pivotal day in Ascension, Jack is requesting that you play his Thanksgiving video to re-release the energy contained within it into Earth’s Grid. Jack's Message Regarding the Earths New Grid! Thanks for all of your help as Ascension would not be happening without all the cogs working together! Love Jean and Jack