Angels Speak

Remembering all those who have been sacrificed in the name of hate. HATE never wins in the long run. We are here to love one another. WHEN will we get the message? Thanks for reading. Michelle Today's Angel Message ===================== Archangel Michael: Accept No Substitutes Our hearts are filled with gratitude for your steadfast determination and constant efforts to raise yourselves into the light. We know you do not yet see fully how very far you have come. Think of how little you notice the day to day changes in your children, then suddenly you see much they have grown. If you could see how very difficult and long your journey has been, you would understand better our appreciation for your present selves. We urge you to see yourselves as we do. Not having to come here at this time, you nevertheless did so. Not flinching, you have stayed the course. Not seeing or understanding, you have done all you could. You are indeed the strongest of the strong. It is almost time for you to see and remember. There will be much that is very difficult in the remembering. But that will be far outweighed by the joy of seeing what you have been able to accomplish. Reach out now in love and help each other across the finish line now. There is truly such a short distance to go. You shall have your reward. You shall have a rest. Know, however, that your journey is eternal. You will soon enough find another journey, another mountain, another game. You need not worry that duality need ever be involved again in your futures. That game has been won. Remember how, as children, you would always find new and different things to do, new ways to play? That is a natural and wonderful part of who you are. There need not be any winners nor losers. Running, jumping, laughing, looking, and seeing the wonder in everything is a beautiful part of being a child. You have so much to look forward to. The walls of the box you have been confined to are soon to be removed. Know this and you shall be able to stand fast just this short while longer. Feel in your hearts the growing new self who lives in you. Hold fast and protect that at all cost and you will find that, just as we promise, it has protected you. The true power of that inner you will come to amaze and delight you in short order. Love one another and learn to act for the betterment of all. This is the new world which will be yours at last. It is time for your dream to become your reality. As your advertising likes to say, "Accept no substitutes." Still closer to you now do we walk. Feel us in every breath and heartbeat. If you need a loving hand or shoulder in your day, know that we are there. If there seems no way forward, ask for our help. And should you see a small sign of our presence, as some of you are learning to do, smile and say hello. We do so love that. Good day until next we speak, dear friends. Received by Ron Head Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: Oracles and Healers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Each season of the year and every month has its own special angel. These angels help us learn from nature the particular lessons and insights that every season imparts. The Angel of September - helps us prepare for the harvest at hand. As the summer draws to a close, September's angel reminds us to pause and gather fresh strength because the culmination of a project often demands one last surge of energy. The September angel brings us this boost, seeing us through to the fulfillment of our task. This late-summer angel also helps us recognize the fruits of our labors and share with others the bounty of what we have created in our lives. In September, we take delight in our good fortune, whether in a garden, a relationship, or a career, and we share our joy with all those whose support has made our harvest possible.