Angel Card of the Week - Passion!

Angel Card Deck: Romance Angels Card: Passion! Yes, I said PASSION! Just in time for the summer, hot and steamy right? Let's bring this down a notch and bring it into the LIGHT! Romance Angel Cards - Passion! The passion card reminds us that passion can exist in every relationship and activity. It is not just relegated to “romance” but inspires and requires that we each take the responsibility to bring passion into our own lives. Your passion can show up as a favorite hobby or cause. Activism to make our world better for all is a form of deep and dedicated passion. Single or coupled, you can have the passionate, love filled and joyful life you desire. The choice is yours. So, what are you going to DO and WHEN are you going to do it? Join me again next week for the Angel Card of the week! Have an amazing pre-Memorial day week!