Angel Card of the Week - June 16, 2014


Angel Card of the Week Angel Tarot 0 - The Dreamer! ArchAngel Metatrone The Angel Card for this week is The Dreamer is the same card as The Fool in Tarot! There is a saying God protects children and Fools. Trust that I have been The Fool for many, many years! When this card is received, it signifies you have reached a new level of spiritual awareness. As a result of all your hard work, your journey begins anew at a higher level. ArchAngel Metatrone is the guardian of "we the human." This is also the FIRST card of the Angel Tarot deck. It is about starting. Have FAITH! Your angel card of the week indicates that you are well on your way to new and amazing journey! Travel with angel blessings. The UNIVERSE is on your side! The rest of the reading can be found on my Google+ Thanks for reading the Angel Card of the Week!