Angel Card of the Week 05/26/14

Angel Card Tarot #7 The Chariot ArchAngel Metatron Congratulations! The Chariot means you have successfully balanced a recent and challenging situation. Your ability to see and balance both sides of the issue and take appropriate action will give this concern closure. Angel Card Reading Your willingness to compromise, stay calm and grounded will bring you approval and accolades for your competent handling and deft touch. This is a major accomplishment, you made it through. Enjoy! Now is the time to show self-control, determination and the ability to go the distance. The Chariot shows firm but kind control, the control you have the ability to exercise in your relationships with others. You have amazing self-discipline and will power at this time. Use it wisely to facilitate a leap forward, jumpstarting the summer season. Utilize the energies of the NEW moon on May 28, 2014 to visualize, write and speak on every change you wish to bring to fruition in the second half of the year. ArchAngel Metatron can increase your motivation and energy levels, thus allowing you to accomplish your priorities. ArchAngel Metatron uses a sacred geometry shape (a Merkaba) to warp time. This allows you to instantly manifest your dreams into reality. Call upon Metatron to assist you in completing and achieving your goals. Thanks for checking out the Angel Card of the Week! Be Amazed!