Angel Card of the Week July 7, 2014

Angel Tarot Cards Doreen Virtue ANGEL CARD OF THE WEEK! #14 Balance ArchAngel Zadkiel Angel Card - Tarot #14 Balance The Angel Card of the Week indicates the need for Balance or Temperance (the Tarot version of this card). This week calls for cooperation, compromise and the ability to see both sides of any situation. Balance can also indicate work, life, play as well. Coming fresh off a holiday weekend, I am sure we ALL got some playtime in. Don't ruin a wonderful holiday by overworking to make up for lost time. Just let it go. Relax, work smarter and not harder! This is a perfect week to allow team dynamics to lead the way. Share your burdens, both personal and professional to lighten your load. Avoid making rash decisions or rush to action. Let Divine timing show you the path to making perfect decisions at the perfect time. Enjoy the week! Thanks for visiting my Angel Card of the Week post!