Weekly Angel Card December 13, 2015

Angel Tarot Cards by:Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine Major Arcana #8 JUSTICE Justice is the angel card represented by ArchAngel Raguel. This message advises that decisions must be made, and implores you to make those decisions using truth, facts and doing what is right because it is the right thing to do. This is a beautiful angel card, with an angel in the air, sword raised flying between 2 pillars. ArchAngel Raquel will use his sword in your defense when you show courage and truth, as he will use it against you when you lean on fear, hate and lies. Actions have consequences, and this card asks that you beware of making decisions based on fear, anger, envy, hate or greed. Each of these low level emotions will create a reaction and decision from the lowest aspect of your character. angel card, angel tarot In every action act from a space of love and light. This way your actions will be just, fair and true. One of the questions this angel card asks is after your decision is made, how will you sleep? If your conscious will bother you (for those who have a conscious), then your answer is easy, although the actions may be difficult. Another aspect of this card deals with "actual justice." If you are in the midst of a court action, chances are good that the case will be decided in your favor. Finally, Justice is about taking responsibility for every action you make. Have faith in yourself and hold fast to your highest believes. In that way, justice, is not Just Us. Thanks for reading the angel card of the week. Be Amazed!