Weekly Angel Card December 6, 2015

Angel Card of the Week Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by:Doreen Virtue Simplify Your Life I have pulled this angel card several times this year for myself. It was a relief to receive it as my weekly angel card for you. As I pull the weekly card, I expressly ask for the best message for my readers. When I saw this angel card, I thought to myself "again"? However, it applies to all of us, not just myself personally. Let's take a step back and review what is really going on in our world at this minute. It appears that humankind has completely lost it's "kindness" and have thrown both sanity and decency out with the bathwater. angel card simplify your life Fear is running rampant. There are people in your life who thrive on fear and chaos. DON'T give it to them! Know that you are a divinely protected child of God. In the worst case scenario, when you leave this earth, you know you will be joining many loved ones in spirit with the ability to interact with the loved ones you leave behind. We are all born for a reason. Take the time to explore your reason and take steps in 2016 to make that a reality. Many are counting on you to be all you can be, Be Bold, Be Brave and Be Radiant. You can do this! Stop being afraid and make the necessary changes in your life so YOUR 2016 is amazing, bountiful, blessed and filled with abundance of every good thing. Are You Ready? This angel card asks you to spend some serious time in determining what IS and what is NOT important in your life. Right Now. I have included an article I wrote several years ago to help get you started. The angels want you to clear out clutter from your home, your closets, your relationship, your desk, your basement - get the drift? Take a good look at this angel card. The mermaid is on a swing which reminds me of "Play Time." However, when you simplify your life, you actually create more time for "playing" in whatever way your heart desires. This is just one small benefit associated with clearing clutter from your world. There is still time before year's end to get some of this important work done. In fact, the New Moon is Friday, December 11, 2015 and the Full Moon is Christmas DAY! What a gift we have in this 3 week period. GET TO WORK! Here is my link to "Do You Want a Clean Slate in 2014?" Substitute 2016 and feel free to follow my suggestions. Utilize the energies of the new moon to guide and motivate you. Thanks for reading the first weekly angel card of December.