Weekly Angel Card November 22, 2015

Romance Angel Cards by:Doreen Virtue PASSION! Passion is what makes our hearts sing and our feet dance. Passion is what gets up going, keeps you motivated and lifts your spirits, in spite of the obstacles or bullshit swirling in your life. To get the Passion angel card is a blessing in so many ways. If you are in search of a love to set your heart aflame, you must start with your own life. What are YOU passionate about? What are you offering to your community? There must be an "ideal" that you believe in, passionately. While this card speaks of passion on every level, it also implores each of us to be the master of our destiny. Live your life, don't wait for a mate. That is wasting time. How will someone find you if all you do is hang on a bar stool all weekend. Get out THERE and make a difference in someone else's life. Show what you have to offer and then give it away, freely. Forget about your wants and needs. If you are reading this I am sure most of your needs have been met. What can you do for someone else? Romance Angel Cards - Passion! This angel card says the way to find that great love, that one burning passion is to find something you are passionate about and then DO IT! Free your mind and your ass will follow. Open your heart to what is needed and then fill that need. Angels will not steer you wrong, there are so many non profits looking for volunteers. What can you do to help? You never know where you will find the love of your life. Passion is the angel card that requires you to put your ideals to work. When a couple have IDEALS that are similar, they will grow and thrive together. That is what I am looking for. How about you? Sometimes we get exactly what we want. It is always such a pleasant surprise! Thank you for reading my angel card of the week!